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Chapter 816: Half a Million Bucks Is the Right Decision

He would not even have enough time to praise the Divine Doctor, let alone to offend him

However, in reality, he had already offended the Divine Doctors student to the point of death!

The Divine Doctor was an important figure in that circle.

If Jiang Yao complained to him, then Lin Shunhe would not be able to stay in that circle!

That made him feel as if the sky was about to collapse, worse than the fact that he had to hide in the small Nanjiang City for work.

Lin Shunhe stood there as if he had received an enormous blow.

He did not speak, and Jiang Yao could not be bothered to talk to him.

Professor Ouyang told him that she was the Divine Doctors student.

That was the biggest and most powerful evidence she needed to clear her name of fraud.

In the future, even if she accepted patients under her own name, people would only think that she had a famous teacher to guide her.

They would not point fingers at her or say that she did not follow any rules.

“Ill send you back to your dorm.” Lu Xingzhi patted Jiang Yaos head.

He knew that Jiang Yao did not intend to expose her relationship with the Divine Doctor.

Although no one in Nanjiang City knew that she was the Divine Doctor, her reputation as the Divine Doctors student would bring more stress to her daily life.

It was also a hidden danger.

The more famous and mysterious the Divine Doctor was, the more people would pay attention to Jiang Yao.

Those who tried to find the mysterious doctor would focus their attention on her instead.

That was not what Lu Xingzhi wanted to see, but Professor Ouyang had already mentioned that.

It was too late for them to do anything then.

If he had known that Professor Ouyang would make such a strange move, Lu Xingzhi would have been annoyed.

He should have used a thunderous method to keep Lin Shunhe silent and left the school.

He should not have let Jiang Yao handle that matter on her own.

“Fortunately, I found two bodyguards for you—Ah Lu and Da Ke,” Lu Xingzhi lamented after they got into the car.

“It seems like this half a million bucks annual salary is still the right decision.”

What did most people fear Apart from poverty, they were afraid of birth, old age, illness, and death.

Wealthy people did not lack money when they were alive; the only thing they were afraid of was death.

That was the danger that Jiang Yao, as the student of the godly doctor, had faced.

What would someone not do to survive

Meanwhile, Professor Ouyang had just finished his tale about the legendary Divine Doctor for the students next to him.

When he turned around to look for Jiang Yao, he realized that she had returned to the car.

It was the first time that the old professor had chased after her so nimbly.

“Jiang Yao, Jiang Yao, dont be in such a hurry to leave!” Professor Ouyang waved at Jiang Yao, who was in the passenger seat, and called for her to get out of the car.

Then, he took two documents from his briefcase and opened them—there were two copies of medical records in it.

“Didnt Lin Shunhe question your skills Come, let me test you!” Professor Ouyang waved the medical records in his hand and then pulled Lin Shunhe and the others toward the car.

“You two can compare these records.”

Professor Ouyang stuffed one of the cases into Lin Shunhes hand and another into Jiang Yaos hand.

“These are the cases of the two patients that I had just received.

If you are their attending physician, how will you choose to treat these two patients”

Lin Shunhes mood lifted when he saw Professor Ouyangs actions.

It was as if he had seen a glimmer of hope! Jiang Yao was the Divine Doctors student, but what could she have learned at such a young age

If he could beat Jiang Yao, was that not his ticket back into the game As long as he could beat her, it would not matter if she were the Divine Doctors student.

Perhaps the mysterious doctor would think that Jiang Yao had embarrassed him and, in turn, would abandon her as his student

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