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Chapter 792: Anger From Embarrassment

“There are dirty clothes in there; you should take them out and wash them first,” Jiang Yao said.

“You definitely wont have time to wash clothes for the next three days.

I have nothing to do now, so I can help you wash them.

Youll be busy when you go back to the army, so you wont need to find the time to wash the dirty clothes.”

“Why would I be busy Its only two sets of clothes.

Sit here and talk to us.” After Lu Xingzhi put his luggage away, he held Jiang Yaos hand and went outside.

Lu Yuqing stood there as she turned to Jiang Yao and said, “Based on my understanding of my younger brother, there must be something shameful in his luggage that he doesnt want you to see.”

Lu Yuqings casual words drew Lu Xingzhis furious roar.

“Lu Yuqing, shut up!”

“Hes so angry from embarrassment—so scary!” Lu Yuqing raised her eyebrows at Jiang Yao.

Then she turned around with a smile and returned to the outer room to sit with Gu Haoyu.

“Sister Yuqing, if Xingzhi gets angry, he will kick you out.” Gu Haoyu poured a cup of tea for Lu Yuqing and smiled.

“Even if you are his biological sister, he can still be merciless.”

“I know; it wont be the first time anyway.

I just think its interesting to see him angry, right” Lu Yuqing laughed.

“He has been acting like a mature young man since he was young.

As his elder sister, I didnt even have the chance to tease him.

Its quite fun to make up for it now.”

Lu Xingzhi heard Lu Yuqings words when he held Jiang Yaos hand as they walked outside.

He had tried to keep it in for a long time before he told Lu Yuqing to get lost.

If she were not his sister, how would she have the chance to sit and chat with Gu Haoyu

“Have the test results come out yet” Gu Haoyao decided to change the topic to diffuse the situation between the siblings.

Jiang Yao had not had the chance to ask Lu Xingzhi about that, so she was relieved to hear Gu Haoyaos question.

She even looked at Lu Xingzhi carefully as she wanted to observe his expression.

However, in the next second, his large palm landed softly on her forehead—it covered her line of sight.

Then, she heard his voice from above her head.

“You have no confidence in your man”

“Judging from his tone, he must have passed the test.” Lu Yuqing smiled.

“Hmm.” Lu Xingzhi nodded.

“If I were to rank second, no one would dare to be first.”

He was so arrogant that he did not even try to hide it.

However, those three people believed him.

“Zhu Shisan came to Nanjiang City personally, and he wanted to see both you and Jiang Yao through Director Ye.

However, I blocked him,” Gu Haoyu said.

“Its been two days; I think Ive suppressed his arrogance enough.”

“Theres no need to see him,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“Director Ye told the Zhu family that if they dont want Zhu Qianlan in Nanjiang Citys jail for the next two years, they should disown her.

She is not to set foot in Z Country for the rest of her life or let me see her again.”

Lu Yuqing gasped when she heard her brothers words.

She turned around and looked at him.

Somehow she felt as if she could no longer recognize her younger brother.

He was arrogant in the army because he had excellent abilities.

He was proud even if he was not in it.

That was how capable her brothers were.

The Lu family had a great background, but it was limited to that small city.

No one would know them outside the city.

Gu Haoyu thought about it for a moment.

“Ill call my family and ask them to come forward.” If they wanted to force someone out of their family, it was probably easier to get his family involved.

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