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Chapter 75: Getting to Know Him

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“Hey, stop preaching at her.” Mr.

Jiang laughed out loud.

When he asked Jiang Yao if she would stay for dinner, he couldnt help but sigh dejectedly when Jiang Yao said she would go back after a while.

“Honestly, I think that you got married too soon.

You already have another home after only being at home for less than two decades.”

Jiang Yao went back to the Lu family after a short visit.


Lu got off work early today.

When she saw Jiang Yao, she casually asked about Lu Yuqings purpose for seeking her out.

Jiang Yao assumed that Lu Yuqing had intended to keep the matter under wraps for the time being and handle it on her own.

Jiang Yao blurted out some excuses to get it over with.

While she was helping Mrs.

Lu prepare dinner, she asked about Lu Xingzhis friends.

“Mom, does Xingzhi have a lot of good friends in Jindo I remember some of his friends attending our wedding.” Frankly speaking, Jiang Yao couldnt remember what happened or the guests who had attended their wedding because back then, she wasnt interested in Lu Xingzhis business.

Now, however, she was intrigued and wanted to get to know him more.

It was such a rare occasion that Mrs.

Lu glanced at Jiang Yao with a mix of confusion and amusement.

Then, she chuckled and teased, “I see that youve been very interested to know about Xingzhi lately.

From what Ive observed, youve miss him every second since he returned to the base.

I think you might have gone after him to the base if you didnt have school, am I right”

Jiang Yao wasnt feeling timid and shy after being teased.

Instead, she smiled and admitted, “Hes my husband, so of course I miss him.

By the way, Mom, I wont be coming home for the National Day holiday.

Xingzhi has asked me to visit him at the base.”

“Alright, go ahead.” Mrs.

Lu laughed gently, then added, “Xingzhi has a few close friends in Jindo.

The eldest is Liang Yueze, hes a young and successful businessman; the second eldest lives abroad, he is a professor in cultural studies or something.

Xingzhi ranks third.

The fourth is Zhou Weiqi, he works in the Jindo Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

The youngest is Chen Xuyao, he is an architectural designer.

Hes said to be very famous in his field.

These fellows are from wealthy and powerful families in Jindo, and they attended your wedding.”

Jiang Yao couldnt recall any of their looks at all, but she figured any of these people should be famously known in Jindo.

“Oh yes, theres a girl named Luo Lauren, shes pretty and interesting.

I think she and the second buddy are a couple, I can sense that they are very close and he takes care of the girl, but Im not sure if Im wrong because Xingzhi never mentions anything about them.” Mrs.

Lu began to gossip about Lu Xingzhis friends.

She got even more excited when she saw Jiang Yao listen enthusiastically, so after telling her about Lu Xingzhis social circle, she began telling her all about Lu Xingzhi, from his childhood to his college days.


Lu shared Lu Xingzhis life stories with Jiang Yao.

For Jiang Yao, getting to know Lu Xingzhi was like opening the door to a whole new world.

She realized that Lu Xingzhis dullness was au naturel.

When he was born, he was very composed and calm unlike other children.

He didnt cry often, he didnt throw tantrums, and he didnt even laugh much.

However, he was a troublemaker and more fearsome than other children.

Jiang Yao didnt know that Lu Yuqing was preparing to deal with Zhao Zhuangzongs extramarital affair.

In the blink of an eye, her college registration was just around the corner.

She and Jiang Lei went to the county town to buy a suitcase and collect the train tickets.

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