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Chapter 719: Signed

It was already so late, but Mr.

Xiao Jin was still hiding in the mine and didnt dare to go out.

He was probably afraid of being beaten.

As soon as he heard the sound of the wheels, he got up and was about to run into the depths of the mine.


Xiao Jin, its me! Its me!”Carls eyes were sharp, and he hurriedly called out to stop him.

Then, he urged Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi to say something and went forward to pull Mr.

Xiao Jin back.

“Arent you in a hurry to get money Here, I brought you a customer!”

Hearing that it was Carl, Mr.

Xiao Jin patted the dirt off his body and ran back.

Even though it was dark in the mountains, Jiang Yao could clearly see Mr.

Xiao Jins cowardly appearance.

He was sitting in such a mine, yet he could live like a pangolin.

This Mr.

Xiao Jin was also a talent.

In this YN, who was sitting in a mine Didnt he live a happy life This Mr.

Xiao Jin had turned the life of a rich second generation into a life of the poor people hiding from their debts.

“50 million.

If Mr.

Xiao Jin agrees, this contract will be signed, and then your people can withdraw from the mine now.”The contract was prepared by Karu before he left, he naturally knew that he shouldnt dream that a person like Mr.

Xiao Jin could think of such things.

“Isnt this a little… a little too little”Mr.

Xiao Jin wasnt too happy.


Xiao Jin doesnt know that Mr.

Lu has already bought another mine and doesnt have that much money on hand.

I only heard that you were in a hurry to sell, so I thickened my face to help you ask.

If it wasnt for me helping you ask, Mr.

Lu would already be on the plane back to China.”Karu pretended to be unhappy, “If you think its too low, then forget it.

Ill take Mr.

Lu away now.

Its my fault for meddling in other peoples business.

Im not afraid that you wont be able to repay your debt.”

Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi reacted very quickly.

They immediately put on an impatient look, which was faster than Karus speed.

They turned around and headed back to the car.

Seeing this, Mr.

Xiao Jin didnt have the mood to bargain anymore.

He quickly went forward to stop the two of them.

“50 million! 50 million!”Mr.

Xiao Jin thought of 50 million now, and he thought of his own hand that had been saved.

After signing the contract, Mr.

Xiao Jin led his men out of the mine.

Karu helped Lu Xingzhi find a reliable team to look after the mine.

He helped Lu Xingzhi protect the mine that had just changed owners, to prevent people from entering the mine to steal the mine at night.

After leaving the mine, Karu brought Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao to another mine owners house.

The car drove out of the small town and headed south for more than ten kilometers before stopping.

It was only a short distance, but it was more like a wealthy district.

The houses that were located here were almost all villas, and each of them occupied a large area.

“Our Jadeite King lives in the east.

The Jadeite Kings mansion is almost as big as our small town.”Karu sighed with envy.

Only then did the two follow him into the mine owners mansion.

Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao didnt see the mine owner in person.

It could be seen that the mine owner didnt care about selling the mine business at all.

He only sent a trusted assistant to handle this matter.

After signing the contract, Jiang Yao called the bank to handle the transfer of the money and also transferred Mr.

Xiao Jins mine money along with it.

After the matters here were settled, Lu Xingzhi asked Jiang Yao to pack her things and bid Ruan Yongjun farewell.

He wanted to catch a flight back to Nanjiang city overnight because he didnt have many holidays.

However, he still had a lot of things to do.

When he returned to Ruan Yongjuns house and heard that Jiang Yao had signed two mines that night, Huang Chengjings expression was a little difficult to describe.

He kept feeling that these two husband and wife were terribly willful.

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