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Chapter 711: Getting to Know Each Other

However, Karu found Lu Xingzhi interesting.

“Many things require an adventurous spirit.”Karu smiled.

“What if there is a Miracle”

“Right, what if tens of millions of dollars are wasted How exciting,”elder Cai added.

The expression on her face was as if her eyes were not her eyes, and her mouth was not her mouth.

Karu rubbed the tip of his nose and chuckled.

Then, he led his men down the mountain and went around the other side.

“Most of the mines of the Zhu family in Ping City are around here.

The mines that exploded this time have been mined for quite some time.

Recently, they have been mining waste rocks, so the Zhu family was prepared to make a move.

I didnt expect that a kind-hearted person would help the Zhu family to blow up their treasures again.”

Karus words were full of ridicule.

Among those who were good at it, only Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao could hear the ridicule in Karus words.

This kind-hearted person was talking about Lu Xingzhi.

When the group of people arrived at the Zhu familys mine, a group of people were arguing at the entrance of the Zhu familys mine.

It could be imagined that under the trend of interest, the two sides did not know when they would start arguing.

The Zhu family said that the buyer had broken the contract first and the money was delayed.

Therefore, the Zhu family had the right to cancel the original contract.

The mine was still the Zhu familys.

The Zhu family had the right to continue mining.

The buyer said that the contract had been signed.

According to the old rules here.., the mine was the buyers.

The Zhu family had no right to continue mining.

Jiang Yao glanced at the mine on the other side.

The corner of her lips curled up and she sneered.

“What did you see”Lu Xingzhi asked quietly.

Because Jiang Yao had already made up her mind to buy the mine that had already stopped working, the two of them were slowly following the tail of the large group.

There was no one behind them, so when the two of them spoke, as long as they lowered their voices, they did not have any scruples.

“That mine is of no value,”Jiang Yao said as she looked away from the person who was quarreling.

For money, the two sides were quarreling so fiercely that it was obvious that this matter was not going to end well.

Lu Xingzhi was relieved after hearing Jiang Yaos words.

The Zhu family had so many mines.

The reason why he chose to blow up this mine was to prevent the Zhu family from selling the mine.

Based on his investigation of the Zhu family, the Zhu family had been doing raw stone trading and jewelry business for so many years.

They had never sold the mine.

Lu Xingzhi felt that the Zhu family suddenly wanted to sell the mine, it was most likely because the Zhu family felt that the mine was no longer valuable.

Initially, Lu Xingzhi heard from Karu that there was good news from the explosion.

Although the mine had been blown to smithereens and had no value to speak of, it had suddenly become a hot commodity for the Zhu family.

The Zhu family was reluctant to sell it, there were also many people who started to stare at the Zhu familys mine and wanted to buy it.

Lu Xingzhi was still a little depressed.

However, based on the situation, he knew from Jiang Yao that the mine was of little value.

Lu Xingzhi was relieved.

It seemed that the two gold bars were worth it.

He still wanted the Zhu family to not be able to sell it.

In the end, he wanted them to throw the money they could have gotten into their own hands.

The Zhu family was reluctant to sell it now.

If he could not get Karu to help persuade the buyers, he would just blow it up again.

After all, this kind of thing was a first-time experience and second-time familiarity.

Karu should be happy to earn this kind of money.

There was another mine closest to the Zhu familys mine.

Jiang Yao took a look and listened to Karus introduction of the mines situation.

“This mine owner is a gambling addict.

His gambling addict father just died.

He inherited this mine and is addicted to gambling.

He doesnt like to do business and owes a huge amount of money.

He had no choice but to sell the mine to pay off his debt.

Because the creditors are pressing him, the mine owner urgently needs money.

Therefore, if you want to buy this mine, the price of this mine can also be negotiated.”Karu handed the map in his hand to the person beside him, draw a range out for everyone to see, “This is the map of the mine, the mine area is not small.”

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