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Chapter 687: Chapter 687, there was a reply

From the very beginning, Lu Xingzhi had wanted to deal with Zhu Qianlan.

This was why he had asked Chief Ye to take Zhu Qianlan away first, but he was not in a hurry to make a move.

Instead, he had investigated the Zhu Family First.

He had heard Jiang Yao mention that the Zhu family had special prestige in their hometown, and it was a hundred-year-old family.

He saw Zhu Qianliang.

From Zhu Qianliangs words and actions, he could tell that the Zhu family was not simple.

After such an investigation, the results were indeed like this.

“I only deal with Zhu Qianlan, not the entire Zhu family,”Lu Xingzhi said, “The Zhu family has so many daughters and granddaughters.

Its just a mere Zhu Qianlan.

The Zhu family wouldnt do anything extraordinary for a mere Zhu Qianlan.

If the Zhu family is smart, they should know that a stupid woman like Zhu Qianlan who cant bring benefits to the family is not worth it.”

Most importantly, such a large family was not as united as it seemed on the surface.

“You have an idea”Gu Haoyu pushed up the glasses on his nose bridge and smiled.

“Tell me about it.”

“Im going abroad.”Lu Xingzhi did not plan to tell Gu Haoyu in detail.

“There are still three days left for the holiday.

Theres still time.”

“With your identity…”Gu Haoyu originally wanted to say that with Lu Xingzhis identity, how could he leave the country

But halfway through his words, he retracted his words and smiled.

“Is it dangerous Do you need me to go with you”

Other people might not be able to leave the country, but Lu Xingzhi really had a way to do so.

“Theres no need.

Its not like were going to war.”Lu Xingzhi shook his head.

“We need to find two bodyguards for Yaoyao.”

“Bodyguards”Gu Haoyu was stunned for a moment, but when he thought about the capital and the incident this morning, he understood.

“It should be.”

Since Lu Xingzhi himself had said that there was no need, then there was no need for him to worry too much.

After Jiang Yao went back to class, she was thinking about what she had said to President Wen last time.

There was already a research team here, and President Wen would recommend a few more people, and the core members would be almost complete.

After that, there would be some ordinary employees like assistants.

Jiang Yao thought about it and felt that as a student of Nanjiang Medical University, she should do something that would help the employment rate of the schools students.

She could hire these employees with secondary positions from the schools fresh graduates and interview them to sign contracts first, after the Changkang group was built, these graduates would just graduate.

After the afternoon classes ended, Jiang Yao went to President Wens office alone.

At this time, President Wen had just finished eating.

The aroma of the food in the office had not dissipated.

Seeing Jiang Yao come in, President Wen smiled very happily.

“It just so happens that I was planning to look for you later.”President Wen pulled out a chair placed in the corner and pushed it in front of Jiang Yao, “I went to ask about the matter you asked me about the last time.

They replied to me the day before yesterday, saying that they are very interested in changkang group.”

Previously, Changkang group did not have any reputation.

To be honest, many people were very hesitant and even refused outright.

After that, the flood disaster in Rong County made Changkang groups reputation in Nanjiang City.

The group that had just been registered had actually become the first company in Nanjiang City to fight against the flood and provide disaster relief, continuously sending supplies to the front line.

The Nanjiang Morning Post here in Nanjiang City had followed the report for several days.

In addition, the government had publicly announced the results of the bidding.

This made everyone realize just how deep the financial resources of this newly registered group were.

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