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Chapter 643: Holiday

On one hand, they had to face harsh living conditions.

Without food or water, they had to rely on themselves to think of solutions.

They also had to prevent all kinds of traps in the mountains.

They also had to guard against other peoples attacks and protect their badges.

Once the badge fell into someone elses hands or left their side, they would be eliminated.

At night, when Lu Xingzhi hid in the dark to rest, he was still on high alert.

With a slight movement, he would immediately be energized, and then he would enter the battle for the badge of the attacker.

In the past few days, he had stolen the most badges.

“Before participating in the second round of examinations, those people have two days of rest.

The second round of examinations is three days, so those who directly advanced to the third round like me have a total of five days of leave.” Lu Xingzhi patted Jiang Yaos head.

“Ill bring you back to Nanjiang City tomorrow.”

“Wheres Chen Feibai” Jiang Yao suddenly remembered Chen Feibai, who was still at the Saint Flag Hospital.

She had not heard that the old man had moved him away, so he should still be at the Saint Flag Hospitals location.

“Chen Feibai entered the second round of examinations, and the two days of rest and reorganization were earned by Old Master Chen.

His situation was special, and he needed time to rest, but he wasnt willing to give up, so everyone waited for him for two days.” Lu Xingzhi snorted, then continued, “Chen Feitang had a major demerit, and he had to write a self-reflection letter.

Although she also entered the second round of examinations, this major demerit was enough for her to worry about during her recent promotion.”

The competition between female soldiers was not inferior to that of male soldiers.

Every female soldier who could participate in the assessment did not lose to male soldiers.

Although Lu Xingzhi wanted Chen Feitang to leave, Chen Feitang was backed by the Chen family.

He also understood that this was unlikely.

After all, the relationship between the Liang and Chen family was there.

However, it was better than nothing to make Chen Feitang remember his mistake and learn a lesson.

Even though they could leave Rong County the next day, Lu Xingzhi was still busy throughout the day.

When he returned at midnight, he would be drenched in sweat by the night weather in Rong County.

When he returned, he realized that there was a cat meowing in the corner of the tent.

Probably because it had just arrived, it was unfamiliar with the environment and people, so it cowered in the corner.

Jiang Yao squatted under the table to play with the cat, chatting with Lu Yuqing who was sitting on the bed.

The next morning, Lu Xingzhi drove away from Rong County with the man and cat.

Because Manager Sun didnt have time to handle work in Rong County, Lu Yuqing volunteered to stay in Rong County and didnt return to Nanjiang City with Lu Xingzhi.

When she returned to Nanjiang City, it had clearly been three nights since she returned, but Jiang Yao felt like it was finally autumn in Nanjiang City.

It had been a few days since they last saw each other, and the leaves on the road seemed to have turned yellow.

Even though he was inside the car and had the window open, he could feel the chill.

“Autumn has finally come from the south.” Jiang Yao sighed.

“After this weeks autumn, it will be winter.”

“Perhaps its only a week, and its summer again.” Lu Xingzhi knew that Jiang Yao was afraid of the cold, so he comforted her.

When he returned to Nanjiang City, the phone signal was finally there again.

From the moment he entered the place with the signal, Jiang Yaos phone started to give all kinds of notifications.

Basically, they would call her and text her when she realized that she could not get through to her.

Wen Xuehuis messages had almost filled up her inbox.

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