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Chapter 623: Slightly Frightening

Huang Chengjing frowned.

“Who is it”

“The prince himself,” Jiang Yao replied nonchalantly.

“Ill excuse myself, Mr.


She entered the tent to see Chen Feibai in IV drips.

“Master Chen, isnt it a tad disrespectful to address your savior like that”

Memories of the rescue flashed across his mind.

As the sole young male heir of the Chen family, Chen Feibai had never been in such an awkward situation.

It was just his luck that Jiang Yao, the wife of his biggest rival in the platoon, was the person who saved him.

It hurt his pride.

However, he could not forget the moment when Jiang Yao entered the treacherous flood water, all just to save him.

It was raining heavily.

Drenched from the downpour with massive drops of rain interfering with visibility and hair sticking along her face in a mess, Jiang Yaos tiny frame seemed to be one hit away from collapsing.

Yet, it was the frail woman who saved him from the edge of despair.

He was stunned by Jiang Yaos retort.

After all, he called her in because he wanted to say thank you.

Now that she was here, the words seemed to be stuck in his throat.

Fortunately, the awkwardness did not last for a long time as General Chen, on a red-eye flight here from Jindo City, entered the tent along with Chen Feitang.

Following General Chen was a doctor in his mid-forties.

Without even acknowledging the rest of the doctors inside, General Chen had his doctor go ahead and check Chen Feibais vitals.

The doctors were a little offended by General Chens actions.

“Well be waiting outside.” The doctors from Shengqi Hospital called for Jiang Yao and exited the tent.

Once they were outside, someone complained, “Thats the elites for you.

Having no respect for doctors like us”

“Who exactly is Chen Feibai The old man who just entered did seem a little frightening.” The nurses muttered.

“Just think of it as a grandfathers act of love for his grandson.

Thats why he hired the best doctor he knew.

Youll feel better this way.” Jiang Yao smiled.

Chen Feibai was the only male offspring of the Chen family and with General Chen valuing males over females, it was no wonder that Chen Feibai was taken care of so well.

It was not unusual for General Chen to bring along a doctor.

After all, Chen Feibai was found a long time after he was swept away by the flood, and with the lackluster medical conditions in Rong County, his distrust of doctors here was understandable.

Jiang Yao explained in a light voice and was especially comforting to listen to.

The medical staff, who were feeling insulted at first, were now more understanding of the situation and felt much better.

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