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Chapter 560: Entering High Society

“Im not scared, I know Sister Yuqing will catch me.” Why would a little girl like Huang Chenchen feel afraid If any, she thought it was a fun game to play.

After spending some time cuddled in Lu Yuqings embrace, Huang Chenchen eventually withdrew herself and did a little spin in front of the ladies before curtsying.

With a smile on her face, she asked, “Sister Yaoyao, Sister Yuqing, do you like my princess dress Isnt it beautiful”

“Of course it is! You are the prettiest one here, little princess!” Jiang Yao smiled brightly and observed Lu Yuqing and Huang Chenchens interactions before turning her attention to the genial Chairman Huang.

“Chairman Huang! Its been a month but youre looking energetic as ever! I presume your recovery to be superb”

“Of course! I have been resting at home for the past month; Chenchens dad was the one looking after the company.” Chairman Huang smiled tenderly.

His gaze rested on Lu Yuqing and said, “This is Ms.

Lu, right Chenchen mentioned you plenty of times these past few days, I hope she did not trouble you too much”

Lu Yuqing stood up and smiled at Chairman Huang while she shook her head.

“Not at all, she is adorable!”

As a grandfather, nothing could make him happier to hear his precious granddaughter being complimented.

Especially since it was a genuine remark by Lu Yuqing, Chairman Huang was extra pleased.

“Anyway, thank you so much for what you did the other day.

If it werent for you, Im not sure where this reckless girl would have ended up.” Chairman Huang could not help but feel jitters in his heart recalling what happened that day.

Even though she was only three years old, Huang Chenchen was a brash kid.

Her sudden disappearance almost sent Chairman Huang to the hospital again.

Jiang Yao strolled around mindlessly since Lu Yuqing was caught up in a conversation with Huang Chenchen and Chairman Huang.

Huang Chengjing noticed that and called her over, intending to introduce some of the guests tonight to Jiang Yao.

As a member of a prominent family in Nanjiang City, Huang Chengjings introduction of Jiang Yao immediately put her into the spotlights.

Many were surprised to find the girl standing right in front of them to be the majority shareholder of Shengqi Hospital.

It was well-known that the Qi family was the previous owner of Shengqi Hospital.

However, the ownership changed hands some time ago, and since the Qi family was unwilling to speak, nobody knew who the newest owner was.

Plenty of speculations went around the hall; who exactly was this young lady

“Where are you from, Ms.

Jiang” Someone probed.

“Jiang Yao is not a local.

She goes to school here in Nanjiang City.

I suppose youre familiar with her name since she was the one that saved my fathers life when he passed out in Riya Restaurant.

To be frank, she is our familys savior.”

To demonstrate his close ties with Jiang Yao, Huang Chengjing addressed her by name in front of the guests, instead of the usual “Ms.


“Jiang Yaos share was given to her by the Qi family.” The Qi family sent a gift over tonight but did not have any representatives present.

Either way, Huang Chengjing had no issues putting the Qi family down to boost Jiang Yaos status.

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