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Chapter 542: Poor

Manager Sun did some calculations in his head.

“If we choose to do it in the rural areas away from Nanjiang City, all actions including land-buying, the building of the facilities, and the creation of the companies will come down to at least a few hundred million dollars.

Not to mention, the purchase of equipment, the hiring of employees, and the appointment of technical teams down the road.”

A few hundred million dollars!

Jiang Yao broke out in cold sweat.

Suddenly, she felt like an impoverished person.

Before this, she thought that she was quite well-off but after listening to Manager Suns analysis, these thoughts instantly vanished.

She even thought of buying a piece of land to build a house and equip it with a small shooting range.

It was an investment, and a good one too if the real estate market became bullish in the future.

It seemed to her that she did not have the money to start the research lab and the pharmaceutical manufacturing company at all.

Even though Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao were interested in investing in her company, they could not possibly provide that much cash.

Particularly for Chen Xuyao.

He needed the money for the continuous operation of his company.

Putting a lump sum into a new, budding company with no promised returns seemed like an extremely risky investment.

“If you need more capital, Ms.

Jiang, you can try transferring some of the money from Shengqi Hospital and use the hospital as a mortgage.” Manager Sun knew the reason for Jiang Yaos sour face.

After all, it was a few hundred million dollars they were talking about.

Manager Suns idea was undeniably a good one.

Jiang Yao nodded and said, “Come get me after dinner tomorrow.

Were going to the hospital.

Inform the director that well be having a meeting together with the upper management.”

After leaving Manager Suns house, Jiang Yao took a cab to Jewel Street before returning to school.

On her way, she was trying to list down the things she needed to do and realized that there was plenty waiting for her to get done with.

Other than money, the most urgent issue right now was the promised surgery for Brother Zhong.

She went to Jindo City for a month, and poor Brother Zhong had to wait.

When she arrived at her room, everyone else was already there.

The others were very excited to see her.

“Youre finally back! I thought youre staying in Jin City forever with your lovey-dovey husband!” Zhou Xiaoxia immediately hugged Jiang Yao while teasing her, “We missed you so much!”

The girls then took out some local specialties they brought back from their respective hometowns and gave them to Jiang Yao.

These were the ones that had a longer preservation date, the other easily-perishable food was already gone.

Jiang Yao felt bad with her arms full of souvenirs.

“Im so sorry I didnt bring anything from Jin City! Ill make sure to buy something for everyone this winter break when I visit again!” Jiang Yao promised.

“Its fine! We know the reason youre there.

You mustve been busy taking care of your husband.” Lin Qiaoyu smiled at Jiang Yao.

“I heard your husbands sister came to visit you today.

Hows she like Did she give you a hard time the entire day while you were with her”

Lin Qiaoyus concern was also the other girls worries.

They had been hearing plenty of stories about the conflicts between sisters-in-law and could not help but ask Jiang Yao.

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