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Chapter 521: Bodily Contribution

The soldiers in the platoon were upset.

It did not matter if they were Lu Xingzhis soldiers or not, the fact that both Colonel Lin and Captain Lu represented the Jin City platoon at the rescue mission and brought back immense glory for the platoon was in everyones mind.

They were heroes!

“Doctor Lin! Dont you know Captain Lu is currently recovering from his injuries as the army doctor What are you trying to do here, huh” Zhou Junmin immediately shot back.

“Thats right, Mrs.

Lu did a good job demonstrating it to us! We have no issues with that!”

The most agitated ones were Lu Xingzhis soldiers.

Even though they always complained about their captain, they would not allow anyone at all to speak ill of their captain and his wife.

The crowd in the auditorium got a little out of control due to the commotion started by Zhou Junmin and the rest, with plenty adding on to the feud.

There were also a few people who defended Lin Shunhe, saying that he did that for the good of everyone.

It seemed that a fight was inevitable.

Colonel Lin sat in the front rows and could not hold back his anger when he heard the defendants of Lin Shunhe.

A bunch of ignorant and foolish brats!

They were not appreciative of such a wonderful resource arranged by the platoon!

“Thats enough.

Im here today to share my expertise and experience.

Doctor Lin was skeptical of my knowledge even on these very basic first-aid skills and called out my fault.”

Jiang Yao nodded.

“I admit my mistake, I did not do a good job demonstrating because he is my husband.”

Seeing Lu Xingzhi looking at her with a solemn expression on his face, she tugged his shirt, made sure it was tidy, and smiled.

“Go back to your seat.”

She then continued on, “Why dont we have Doctor Lin up on stage instead”

Hearing that, Lu Xingzhi almost laughed.

He understood what Jiang Yao was getting at.

He nodded and strutted back to his seat, eager to see what she had planned for Lin Shunhe.

“I dont think Doctor Lin is someone who will refuse my request.

After all, youre contributing to todays training.”

Jiang Yao smiled sweetly.

Oh! She was going to have so much fun with him!

“With you up here, Doctor Lin, you can see for yourself whether Im doing my demonstrations correctly.

” As she motioned for him to come onto the stage.

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