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Chapter 486: We Need to Talk

Lu Xingzhi received the five-hundred thousand in his bank account late afternoon.

He immediately sent four-hundred thousand to Zhou Weiqis bank account and gave the rest to Jiang Yao.

He suddenly remembered the purchase he made during the charity auction and reminded Jiang Yao to make the payment as soon as possible.

“Oh no! Jiang Yaos the head of the house now!” Chen Xuyao poked Luo Ruorans elbow and asked, “What about your family Is it Brother Liang or you”

Luo Ruoran pretended not to hear his question and ignored him.

On the other hand, Liang Yueze actually mulled the question over, “I handed all the real estate properties under my name over to you, but due to company operations, I cant give you any liquid cash.

However, you do have access to all my personal properties.”

Luo Ruoran almost choked upon hearing that, she shook her head.

“Im not overseeing any of your things!”

With a banana in her hand, she went upstairs.

Liang Yueze frowned, his gaze bouncing between Lu Xingzhi, Jiang Yao and Chen Xuyao.

He sat there calmly and took a few bites of fruits before hurrying upstairs, evidently going after Luo Ruoran.

It was all just an act, pretending that he did not care.

“Ha! Keep up the act!” Chen Xuyao laughed.

“You can say it louder.” Jiang Yao pointed at Liang Yueze, who was staring at Chen Xuyao from the stairs.

She tugged at Lu Xingzhi and left.

They saw Old General Liang and General Chen just as they were leaving.

Tagging along behind General Chen was Chen Feitang in plain clothes.

“Where are you going Ah, we need to talk to you regarding the first-aid training program for the soldiers.

Lets talk inside.” Old General Liang called out to Lu Xingzhi.

Seeing his non-action, Old General Liang added, “Come on in, it shouldnt take a while.”

The elders entered the house leaving a slightly dumbfounded Lu Xingzhi behind.

He was surprised to find that the news had already reached Old General Liang and General Chen.

“Go.” Jiang Yao gave Lu Xingzhi a push.

She was about to follow Lu Xingzhi indoors when Chen Feitang called out.

“Jiang Yao! We need to talk too!”

Jiang Yao stopped dead in her tracks, what was there to talk about

Yet, she nodded and walked toward Chen Feitang.

With her hands in her pocket, she said, “I dont like the cold, keep it short.”

Chen Feitang was a little surprised, she did not expect Jiang Yaos impatient attitude.

“I heard from the elders that Lu Xingzhi submitted a report recommending you as the instructor for the first-aid training program.” Chen Feitang sneered.

“If Im not mistaken, youre only a freshman in school, I dont know where you get the audacity to do such a thing.

Do you plan to use it as bragging rights when you return to school”

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