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Chapter 482: I Approve

Startled, Mr.

Zhou retracted his gaze.

“Oh, now were all turning mute.

Did you forget how to speak Since youre here, do what you should, say what you could, or are you here just to have tea” Funnily enough, Chen Xuyao was the one pouring tea for the guests as he remarked sarcastically.

“Xingzhi has already laid down the conditions, the first being the declaration of severance, and the second being the five-hundred thousand dollars.

Since you are here, why dont you tell us when you plan to fulfill them Once its done, Xingzhi will definitely bring you to the Divine Doctor.” Liang Yueze sat cross-legged in a relaxed manner.

He did not display any kindness toward the members of both the Zhou and Du family.


Du anxiously pushed the still-quiet Mr.

Zhou, Du Shihua was also getting desperate.

The Du family would pay for the sum of money requested, but the declaration was the Zhou familys affair.

Du Shihua did not want to concern himself with what the Zhou family would become without Zhou Weiqi, he did not care how Mr.

Zhou felt severing ties with his son.

Zhou Weiqi was not his actual relative anyway, moreover Mr.

Zhou did not seem to treat Zhou Weiqi all that well too.

“Weiqi, is leaving the Zhou family your decision” Mr.

Zhou looked at Zhou Weiqi menacingly.

“Think carefully, youll be alone and without a family the moment you leave us.

The Zhou family is your only family left in the world.”


The sound of forcibly putting a teapot down startled Mr.

Zhou while the rest turned toward the source of the sound.

Moments later, Lu Xingzhi grabbed a piece of cloth and leisurely wiped the spilled tea off the table.

“Know your place.

You are the one having to make the decision here.

Weiqi has no power to speak today, whatever you want to say, say it to us.”


Zhou was silent, he understood it now.

Lu Xingzhi and the rest were determined to have Zhou Weiqi leave the Zhou family today.

Yet, Mr.

Zhou was unwilling to let it happen!

If only he knew this bastard son of his would turn out to be useful, and have a close relationship with these people, he would not have neglected his son and allowed him to be harassed by his family.

If only this son of his was devoted to him, the Zhou family would have no trouble reclaiming their past glory with the help of his buddies.

Yet, they underestimated Zhou Weiqi because they despised him, and thought the rest of the world shared their sentiment as well.

The reality today shattered their close-minded view of the issue.

They were wrong!

With Mr.

and Mrs.

Du and his eldest son at his side, Mr.

Zhou knew that he needed to say things that he did not want to.

He wanted to say a few words to soften Zhou Weiqis resolve, he thought Zhou Weiqi would soften his stance after his urging and encouragement.

Yet, the words that he prepared the entire night before did not escape his mouth as Lu Xingzhi prevented it from happening.


I will allow Zhou Weiqi to leave the Zhou family.” Mr.

Zhou tightened his fist and turned his attention toward Zhou Weiqi, “Zhou Weiqi, think carefully, once you leave us, you have to return your surname! You can never walk away with the name of Zhou once you sever ties with us!”

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