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Chapter 469: Unsightly Kneel

Whatever it was, Mrs.

Zhou knew that she had to get on her knees and apologize sincerely.

“It was disrespectful, alright.” Lu Xingzhi laughed wryly.

“Therere a lot of people here; you kneeling down doesnt look too good.

Go back home, Ill let the Zhou family off the hook this time.”

Reading between the lines, Lu Xingzhi actually wanted Mrs.

Zhou and Zhou Ning to kneel longer if not for the commotion it might bring.

Zhou Changkang and Du Shihua quickly helped Du Rongzhen up, hearing Lu Xingzhis words.

If not for Du Shihuas urging, Zhou Changkang actually wanted to ignore the still-crying Zhou Ning.

It was all her fault, if only she kept her cool, they would not have to stoop so low and beg for forgiveness.

“Master Lu, Mrs.

Lu, about the Divine Doctor…” Du Shihua asked.

“Two conditions.” Lu Xingzhi did not even look at them.

“First, the Zhou family is to publish a notice on all major newspapers in Jindo City declaring the severance of all ties between Zhou Weiqi and the Zhou family; Zhou Weiqi will cease to be Mr.

Zhous son.

Second, five hundred thousand in cash.”

Fifty hundred thousand…

Jiang Yao choked on her tea.

Lu Xingzhi was being ruthless; she planned to only ask for a hundred thousand as payment.

The Du and the Zhou family were speechless at the conditions laid out by Lu Xingzhi.

With the declaration of severance in effect, Du Shihua and Zhou Changkang realized it was Lu Xingzhis plan for Zhou Weiqi to fully escape the Zhou familys control.

They had a hunch that Lu Xingzhi had plenty of good things planned for Zhou Weiqi in the future.

Anyway, there was nothing to be done about it.

However! Lu Xingzhi wanted five hundred thousand as well!

Five hundred thousand!

“Its too much…” The Du family had means to pay for it but what if the Divine Doctor wanted more for himself Old Man Du would never agree to it.

What if the Divine Doctor could not mend Du Chens leg

“Ill let you in on a secret.

The Divine Doctor is very confident that the operation will go smoothly.” Jiang Yao looked at the hesitant crowd with a smile on her face.

“Plus, the Divine Doctor is a nice character.

Once she agrees to the operation, she will not ask for any more money.

So, well see if Du Chen is worth the half a million dollars you are hesitant in paying.”

Jiang Yao had no qualms in self-praising.

“Call me after youve decided.

By the way, the Divine Doctor is leaving Jindo City in a few days time.” Lu Xingzhi waved his hand, annoyed.

The two families, except Zhou Weiqi, left immediately.

The owner came over with their order of food after the departure of the sudden visitors.

She put down the tray with a smile on her face and immediately turned her attention toward other customers in the vicinity.

“Stop ogling.

What happened to your Qiuhe” Jiang Yao patted Zhou Weiqis shoulder and pushed the food toward him.

“Didnt you say you have not eaten This is for you.”

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