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Chapter 296: A Request

“You are early, Sergeant Lu.

What about your wife whos alone at home” Zhou Junmin ran toward Colonel Lin after saying that to Lu Xingzhi, trying to avoid him.

Lu Xingzhi was in a good mood and ignored Zhou Junmin.

He walked toward Colonel Lin and said, “Colonel, I request for an increased-difficulty training.

Since the weather is still pleasant, I propose we plan that with the wilderness training in mind.”

“Sounds great, just send me the training proposal once you are done with it.” Colonel Lin was pleased hearing Lu Xingzhis suggestion.

He liked how Lu Xingzhi was still thinking about the platoons well-being, desiring for the soldiers to better themselves through training.

Lu Xingzhi stood there talking to Colonel Lin regarding his training plans.

It was a while before he got to the morning training.

After that, he went and got breakfast from the cafeteria.

Walking through the door, he could see Jiang Yao all dressed up, doing some stretches on the balcony.

“Go wash your hands and come have some breakfast.” Lu Xingzhi called out.

Laying the borrowed cutleries on the table, he lightly prepared the food he brought back.

Entering the living room, Jiang Yao could smell the intense aroma of soybean milk brought back by Lu Xingzhi.

“Why didnt you sleep for a little longer” Looking at Jiang Yao, Lu Xingzhi was pretty sure that she had been awake for quite some time.

“Right after you left, Zhou Weiqi called,” Jiang Yao pointed at Lu Xingzhis cell phone on the table and explained.

“He wanted to know when we were going to arrive at Jindo City.

Since he is in Jin City now, he wanted us to get him on our way.”

Zhou Weiqi called right after Lu Xingzhi left.

After picking up the call, Jiang Yao had no intentions of going back to sleep.

Lu Xingzhi nodded and thought to himself,Id better talk to Zhou Weiqi next time, how dare he wake Jiang Yao up with that ill-timed phone call.

Lu Xingzhi had eaten before coming back.

He took a set of clean clothes and walked toward the bathroom.

After an hour and a half worth of training, he could not stop sweating even though the weather had been chilly for some time.

The two-bedroom-one-bathroom unit was not too spacious.

Even with him showering in the bathroom, he could clearly hear Jiang Yao making sounds while eating her breakfast.

It felt weird, but welcoming.

The entire house felt lively, even when it was quiet, all thanks to the presence of Jiang Yao.

Walking out of the bathroom, he heard a knock on the door.

After getting dressed, he walked out of the bedroom to see two extra people standing in the living room.


Ge was holding on to Ge Wenwens hand standing right in the center of the living room.

It seemed like she was planning to go out, as she had a backpack on her.

“Do you need something, Mrs.

Ge” Lu Xingzhi could see that Jiang Yaos face had darkened.

He figured that Mrs.

Ge was up to her own shenanigans again.


Ge said that she is going to the hospital to see Sergeant Ge.

She wants my help in looking after Ge Wenwen for a couple of days.” Jiang Yao could feel the anger boiling inside her.

She explicitly mentioned yesterday that she was going to Jindo City with Lu Xingzhi to attend a wedding.

To her surprise, Mrs.

Ge still brought Ge Wenwen over, asking for her help in taking care of the little girl.

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