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Chapter 262: Big Sis is Pretty!

Jiang Yao remembered Chairman Huang mentioned some time ago that her granddaughter was extremely fond of the character, Ultraman.

After listening to what the little girl said, she had a feeling that Mr.

Huangs wife had passed away.

Perhaps the little girl had no memory of seeing her mother, thus she had an affinity for a caring, mother-figure in her life.

“Big sis, you are very pretty too! I think my mum is as pretty as you!” The little girl stroked Jiang Yaos hair and muttered, “I really hope mum can see me grow up.”

“Absolutely! Your mum loves you so much, she will wait for you!” Jiang Yao replied gently.

She then turned toward Huang Chengjing and asked, “What is the name of this little angel”

“Chenchen! My name is Huang Chenchen!” The little girl immediately answered, cutting off her father before he even began.

She then gave Jiang Yaos hand a good tug, and asked, “Big Sis, how do you know that my mum loves me very much”

“That is because Chenchen is such a sweet and kind little girl!” Jiang Yao grabbed the menu and started asking what Chenchen wanted to eat, ignoring Huang Chengjing.

Huang Chengjing sat silently opposite both the girls.

He was always busy with work and did not have the chance to bring his daughter out.

When Jiang Yao called earlier today, both his daughter and him were at the hospital.

Chenchen insisted on coming along to the dinner, and here they were.

Initially, he was worried that Chenchen would overwhelm Jiang Yao with her inexhaustible energy.

Though, it seemed that Jiang Yao had taken quite a liking to the little girl, treating her patiently and tenderly.

Chenchen, on the other hand, was unusually cozy with Jiang Yao, even though this was their first meeting.

Dinner was served, but the two girls kept talking, ignoring the dishes placed in front of them.

Huang Chengjing felt neglected.

“And they always say that all women love to talk,” he exclaimed.

Urging them to start eating, he corrected his daughter, “Chenchen, you should address her asauntie, notbig sis.”

It was not incorrect for Huang Chenchen to address Jiang Yao asbig sis, since Jiang Yao was still a young lady.

However, since she was a married woman, Huang Chengjing felt that it was more appropriate and more respectful for his daughter to address Jiang Yao asauntie.

“Dad! Aunties are for those who do not look good.

The pretty ones, we should call thembig sis!” The little girl seemed to have forgetten all her manners, refusing to change her stance.

“That is right.

The pretty ones are calledbig sis!” Jiang Yao nodded in agreement.

“You are so smart, Chenchen!”

Jiang Yao spent the entirety of the dinner interacting with Huang Chenchen.

She fed her, wiped her mouth after the meal, and even brought her to the restroom to wash her hands.

When it was time to say goodbye, Huang Chenchen held onto Jiang Yao tightly, refusing to let go.

Only when Jiang Yao promised to visit often, then did the little girl bid her adieu, albeit unwillingly.

Jiang Yao lay comfortably on her bed, when she suddenly remembered that the actual purpose of the dinner was to thank Huang Chengjing.

In the end however, the dinner was paid for by Huang Chengjing, and she did not even have a single conversation with him.

So much for wanting to treat him to an appreciation meal.

Jiang Yao groaned.

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