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Chapter 2338: Did He Tell You

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“Okay,” Lu Xingzhi agreed.

“Then we wont drag it out for too long.

Lets go tomorrow night.”

Jiang Yao could not stay in the army base for too long, and it was too late to arrange a dinner for that night.

Therefore, the next night was perfect.


Jiang would have time to prepare for the day tomorrow.

Lu Xingzhi waited until after dinner before bringing Jiang Yao to the chief.

Before leaving, he carefully put on a thicker coat for Jiang Yao.

It was getting colder.

It would not be long before she needed to wear a thick winter coat.

The chief had been waiting for the two of them in the office.

When he noticed that Jiang Yao did not look well when she came in, he asked, “Why dont you go to the hospital for a checkup”

“Im a doctor.

I know my body.” Jiang Yao shook her head.

“Theres nothing serious.

I did not rest well.

Ive been tense for the past few days and in an unfamiliar environment.

Ive been in a crisis, so Ive been suffering from insomnia.

I still havent gotten over being in the hospital, so Ill just take my time getting better.”

The chief sighed when he heard Jiang Yao mention the incident that happened the last time she was hospitalized.

The last time Jiang Yao had an accident was in the army base.

Back then, it frightened everyone.

What was even more heartbreaking was that three other military wives in the army base had also been injured that day; it had caused two of them to lose their babies.

Back then, when Jiang Yao was hospitalized, she had heard that the situation was quite serious.

The doctor had told Jiang Yao to stay in bed and rest for a few months.

Not long after, she was kidnapped again.

As Jiang Yao said, how could she sleep in a strange place She had been unable to sleep and rest well.

In addition, her nerves had been in an agitated state.

Was that not how she was dragged down

“Did Xingzhi tell you about what happened recently” The chief was too embarrassed to mention that matter.

The news of Jiang Yaos return had already spread, and so had Jiang Yaos condition when she returned.

However, some higher-ups only cared about keeping the peace and solving the so-called problem.

They did not care about Jiang Yaos health.

They called him immediately and told him to get Jiang Yaos help saving the 300 hostages.

In fact, the country had considered using force to resolve the situation.

They even communicated with several other countries.

The main issue, however, was that the organization was too well hidden.

Nobody knew where the hostages were imprisoned.

They feared that if there were even the slightest movement on that side, the people on the other side would become so desperate that they would kill a few hostages to warn them.

Once death occurred, the people who had lost their loved ones would be easily enraged to the point of endangering the safety of innocent people.

It had already happened for so long, and the peoples emotions had been suppressed to the breaking point.

At the time, a small flame could ignite and turn into a raging fire.

Who would dare to imagine the despair that follows grief and the insanity that follows insanity Who would risk it

Therefore, they could only use Jiang Yao to exchange for more than 300 hostages.

Furthermore, saving one person was easier than saving more than 300 people.

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