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Chapter 2287: The Missing 20 Years

It was a pink dress and a new camera.

“Why is it still pink” Jiang Yao facepalmed.

Ever since Jiang Lei went to the city to work, Jiang Lei would give her a pink dress for her birthday every year.

“I didnt want to give it to you at first, but after thinking about it, I still want to give that to you.

The significance is different.” Jiang Lei put his phone away, and his face became solemn.

“I hope you can stay as carefree as a little girl forever.

Even if you marry and have children, you will always be my little sister who follows me around and asks for candies.”

Jiang Yaos face flushed.

“What about the camera”

“The camera is for you to remember your childrens growth.” Jiang Lei smiled after a brief pause.

“By the way, Big Brother and Sister-in-Law gave you the camera.”

“So you gave me a crappy dress” Jiang Yao glared at Jiang Lei, but she did not let go of the dress even though she said so.

She might not be able to wear it in the future, but she would remember Jiang Leis words and kindness even when she got old.

Jiang Yao had plenty of money.

Whether it was a mansion or a dress, the kindness of those who gave her gifts was the most valuable thing.

“By the way, wheres Mom” Jiang Yao noticed that there were still two people missing.

One was Mrs.

Jiang, and the other was Madam Cheng.

“Auntie is accompanying my mom to bake a cake in the city,” Cheng Jinnian said.

“Mom said she would make a cake with twenty layers for you.

She wanted to make it herself to make up for the twenty birthdays that she had missed.”

“By the way, she prepared some other things for you in the car outside.

Do you want to go out with me to get them” Master Cheng stood up and glanced at Jiang Yao.

“Go ahead.” Lu Xingzhi ruffled Jiang Yaos hair and removed a hair band from his pocket to help her tie her hair up.

He covered her with a coat before letting her get up.

Those who had not expressed their feelings about the gift were just as considerate as they had always been.

Jiang Yao grabbed her coat and fOllowed Master Cheng out the door.

Master Chengs car was parked in the open space beside the main entrance.

The vehicle was very eye-catching, attracting many passersby and making them turn their heads frequently.

Of course, the car brand was more eye-catching, recognized as the exclusive car of the countrys wealthy.

“She was excited when she knew you had agreed to celebrate your birthday with us.

She had prepared these things for a long time,” Master Cheng said as he bent down and pulled out a box from the trunk.

“The things inside are all for you.

Take your time to look through them.”

Jiang Yao peeked at the box and curiously reached out to pick up the top box.

She opened it and saw a silver longevity lock and a note inside.

“My daughter, you are one year old today.

This is the first birthday present that I have prepared for you.

All the boys in the town will get a longevity lock when they are one year old.

Even though you are a daughter, you are more precious than other boys.]

“That longevity lock was custom -made for you by her at several silver stores.

Your name is on it.” Master Cheng told Jiang Yao to turn the longevity lock around and look at it.

Jiang Yao looked at the tiny words—Little Yaoyao—on the longevity lock and bit her lip.

Then, she took out a second box and opened it.

There were some small toys inside.

There was a hand drum, a windmill, and another note..

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