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Chapter 226: Youre Out of Your Mind

The reason why they held the shareholders meeting today was because they wanted to have a look at the new Miss Jiangs capabilities as well as her personality, and how she would handle stuff.

If it were possible, they wanted to pump new blood into the management of the hospital.

Let us take the position of the director as an example.

The Qi family used to be the chairman and the director was assigned directly by the Qi family.

However, the Qi family had nothing to do with the hospital anymore.

Ever since then, they had their eyes on the position of the director and wanted their choice to be appointed.

“Whats the matter Cat caught your tongue” Mr.

Qins blood boiled and he flung Mr.

Fengs hand away.

He pointed straight at Jiang Yaos nose and said, “You have been bringing new employees into the hospital the moment you arrived, how dare you talk about order Did the people you bring in go through the standard operating procedure before they were employed”

Jiang Yao was gleeful in response to Mr.

Qins anger.

After talking for so long, he was just dissatisfied with her arrangement of placing Wu Zhong in the security department.

This hospital was huge and there were around a thousand employees including the doctors and nurses.

Even if she only talked about other employees without mentioning the jobs that required a licence such as the doctors and nurses, Jiang Yao was not convinced that none of them in the room had never once allowed their men to enter through the back door!

And he was talking about the standard operating procedure with her

“If Mr.

Qin wants to have a discussion with me on this matter…” Jiang Yao nodded and raised her eyebrows slightly.


Once she said that, Jiang Yao said to the director, “Notify the Human Resources Department tomorrow morning and ask them to run a thorough check on every employee of this hospital.

If theres anyone who was employed without following the standard operating procedure, fire them! It doesnt matter whether they are doctors or the cleaners! Oh, once youre done, you may get rid of Wu Zhong who was brought in by me!”


“Youre out of your mind!”

Once Jiang Yao made her statement, everyone in the conference room jumped out of their seats.

Who did not have relatives who needed their help to get a job For people like them who did not have any big properties but many small properties, was it not normal for them to get jobs for their relatives and friends

The hospital was a profitable property.

In order to reserve the limited spots in the hospital, was there anyone among them who had never used special measures to get their men into the hospital


Qin blew his top.

He had seen people who tried to push others toward the edge of the cliff but he had never seen one who really tried to push others off the cliff like Jiang Yao.

“The people that we brought into the hospital are all useful to the hospital! How about you, Miss Jiang Whats the point of you bringing in a cripple Do you think that were running a charity Or do you think that were the Disability Assistance Center Im afraid that Miss Jiang is too young to realize how important security is for the hospital, am I right There are thousands of employees and around ten thousand patients in this hospital…”


A loud bang was heard.

Jiang Yao swiped her hand across the table, the documents on the table which were prepared for the meeting fell onto the ground with a loud thump.

She cut Mr.

Qin off directly and mercilessly.


Qin needed to consider himself lucky that Jiang Yao was still able to control her temper now.

Otherwise, she would not have just blown off by sweeping the documents off the table.

She would have kicked the chair that he was sitting on and made him land on his back.

“Go on! Why dont you continue saying what you want to say” Jiang Yao slammed on the table and it was louder than the last one.

Her palm landed on the table and there was a loud bang.

However, the pain in her palm was even worse.

The pain could neither cease the anger raging in her heart in the slightest, nor reduce the fury in the heart of a soldier named Chen Zhibin.

Nobody should ever use the wordcripple to insult a retired soldier, especially when he was a soldier who sacrificed one of his legs for the country!

Perhaps Jiang Yaos facial expression was terribly stone-cold.

At that moment, Mr.

Qin was stunned and could not say a word.

He was frozen by Jiang Yaos aura.

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