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Chapter 2209: Keep It A Secret

It was already dark outside when he awoke.

Lu Xingzhi was perplexed when he opened his eyes and discovered that the ward had changed.

He took a peek around the ward.

There were no other patients on the ward because it was self-contained.

There was also a family ward directly across from his bed.

There was also a private bathroom.

The lights were turned on, and the sound of running water could be heard.

Jiang Yao was most likely having a bath inside.

A hospital in Danmu town would not have a ward with such amenities.

As a result, Lu Xingzhi deduced that it was most likely the largest and best hospital in Lanning.

He was perplexed.

Why did he not feel anything after taking a nap They had changed location, and it was a distance away.

Jiang Yao emerged from the bathroom after showering and changing her clothes.

She cast an unintentional peek at the hospital bed.

She exclaimed when she noticed that Lu Xingzhi was awake.

“You woke up already I expected you to wake up in the middle of the night.

“When did we arrive in Lanning Why didnt we go to the Luo City Hospital since we are already in Lanning We could have flown there, ” he said.

“It is an issue with how long the flight will take.

How long do you believe you can withstand” Jiang Yao asked, amused.

“Do you believe you can travel into space”

Lu Xingzhi placed his finger on the tip of his nose.

He had the impression that his wife had been speaking in an unusual tone all day, indicating that her rage had not faded entirely.

“I concealed your injury from your parents.

They are unaware that you went missing, ” Jiang Yao said.

“I will notify them as soon as your condition improves, and you can be transported to Luo City Hospital.”

Jiang Xingzhis parents were in the army base at the time of Lu Xingzhis accident, so they knew about the situation.

“I had to keep it a secret.” Lu Xingzhi would have preferred to keep it a secret.

When Lu Xingzhi noticed Jiang Yao wanted to lie on the adjacent bed, he quickly said, “You can sleep on the bed.

It is quite large.

Dont worry about squishing into me.

Or you can move your bed next to mine.

Then, it will be large enough.”

The two beds were the same height.

They were three meters wide when put together.

Lu Xingzhi said, “I will take about one meter.

I will measure about two meters for you.

It will be enough to make you toss and turn.”

Jiang Yao considered it and agreed.

She shifted the metal frame bed next to Lu Xingzhis bed.

After she was done, she removed her shoes and climbed next to Lu Xingzhi.

The wards lights were not turned on.

However, it was not too dark because the moon was quite bright that night.

Jiang Yao was able to observe every detail of Lu Xingzhis face.

She could see his brows, nasal bridge, and even his slightly chapped lips.

“Let me get some water.” Jiang Yao stood up again, poured water into a glass, and took a cotton swab.

She sat beside Lu Xingzhi and wiped his lips with a cotton swab.

“It is best if you drink less water for the time being.

Simply wipe your lips with water.

Drink some warm water if you are really thirsty.”

Lu Xingzhi grumbled in thanks.

Jiang Yao, the doctor, had the final say in those things.

He would not go so far as to bother her about such stuff.

Lu Xingzhis eyes gradually softened as he looked at the woman sitting opposite him, swabbing his lips with a cotton swab.

At the time, his gaze was only on the person who was looking after him, being attentive and gentle..

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