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Chapter 2181: Deserved To Die

“Previous experiments indicate that it should take around five minutes.”

Jiang Yao smiled to herself.

That was a god-level question-and-answer session.

She waited about five minutes before pretending to awaken.

She looked around in a daze at the people in front of her.

Then she revealed a terrified expression and leaned against the wall, trying to hide.

“Who are you people Why did you kidnap my husband and me What happened to my husband Didnt you say I could see him when I came here Where is he” Jiang Yao had looked into Lu Xingzhis location before she left.

He was still in the original range.

Even if he did move, he did not travel more than ten kilometers.

Therefore, it was certain that Lu Xingzhi was not there.

“Who am I”

Qian Yunen laughed as if he had heard a stupid question.

“I dont know who [ am, but I know who you are.

You and Lu Xingzhi are my enemies who killed my entire family! You two are the enemies who caused me to be alone in this world.

Who do you think I am”Support our Bonnovel.c0m

‘Qian Yunen!”

Jiang Yao had a flash of insight, but it was fleeting as she quickly returned to her timid demeanor.

“I did not hurt anyone.

Did you hate me because of Chai Xianglong and Qian Zhibins deaths However, didnt Chai Xianglong and his mother deserve to die How much blood did they have on their hands How many people had to suffer Qian Zhibin deserves to die.

He has done enough to deserve death a thousand or ten thousand times.”

Jiang Yao remembered that she had to stall for time.

She wanted to buy time for Liang Yueze and Master Cheng to search for Lu Xing, so she tried to find a topic on which Qian Yunen could talk to her more.

‘[It was their bad luck that those people died.

It was fated.

They deserved to die.

In this world, the winner takes all.

They were useless, a waste of resources.

They are also polluting the air.

What right do those ants have to live” Qian Yunen was infuriated, he clenched his fists and wanted to make a move, but he restrained himself.

However, his eyes were filled with rage.

Jiang Yao added another word to that pervert, Qian Yunen, in her heart.

He was temperamental and had no worldview at all.

“According to what you said, when a person died, it was fate.

Then your parents and brother were also destined to die.

What else do you have to hate The winner takes all.

What right does a fool have to live in this world Isnt that what you said Those who lose are all idiots.

Why should they get to live”

Qian Yunens words enraged Jiang Yao even more than those of a crazy beast.

He regarded human lives with contempt—outside of the Chai family, other peoples lives were not lives.

Very good.

That kind of person was selfish and vicious.

As expected, he was Qian Zhibins son.

As expected, he was also Madam Chais son.

“Young master, why are you wasting your breath with her How can a person like her understand the thoughts of people with high IQs like us Shes very good at twisting words and reasoning.” The man in the white coat took a pair of glasses from his pocket and put them on the bridge of his nose.

He was dressed like a refined man, but he was just a beast in a suit.

No matter how well he dressed, it could not hide his disgusting heart.

‘Birds of a feather will always flock together, Jiang Yao thought.

Qian Yunen had the same interest, and he had the same outlook on the world!.

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