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Chapter 2173: Lost Contact Too

Jiang Yao was very talkative at such a young age.

As long as someone was sitting in front of her, she would talk until the other party walked away.

Cheng Jinnian was very similar to Jiang Yao.

Listening to the boys childish voice, Mrs.

Jiang even imagined returning more than ten years ago to when Jiang Yao leaned against her knee, a candy in her hand.

Jiang Yao was still young then, and she would have endless conversations with her mother.

In the end, the young girl would lean against her feet and fall asleep.

Thirty-six hours and each passing hour felt like a year for the Jiang family and those paying attention to that matter.

Liang Yueze quickly sent the information for the plane ticket to Jiang Yao.

He told Jiang Yao that someone would pick her up at the airport.Support our Bonnovel.c0m

The time Liang Yueze booked Jiang Yaos ticket was at the final threshold of 36 hours.

The plane landed in the last 15 minutes of the 36-hour flight.

Liang Yueze wanted to delay it for as long as possible.

If they could save Lu Xingzhi, then they would not need to risk Jiang Yao.

The news of Lu Xingzhis incident did not reach the troops in Luo City.

Old Master Chen was obviously still suppressing the information, but he knew Chen Feitang was also on the missing persons list.

After Chen Feitang went to Lannings troops, she tried her best to keep a low profile, so low that not many people knew her identity.

It was also a coincidence that the people who knew her identity were not with the troops during that period.

Consequently, Old Master Chen had not been able to receive any news from the Lanning unit.

No one informed Old Master Chen either.

However, he finally learned about the situation from his good friend, Old Master Liang.

At that moment, Old Master Chen was so angry that he made another phone call to the Lanning unit and scolded the people there.

Chen Feitang was his granddaughter.

Chen Feibai had already retired from the army and was living a carefree life.

The Chen family only had Chen Feitang in the military.

If Old Master Chen were aware of it, Chen Feitangs father would undoubtedly be aware of it as well.

Chen Feibai, who was far away in the border city, was also aware of it.

Chen Feibais first reaction was to call Jiang Yao and inform her.

“Chen Feitang had also lost contact with the army base.

She was with the rescue team when they lost contact.

I guess the old man will be angry for quite a while when he comes back from Lanning.

Jiang Yao did not understand why Chen Feibai called her and told her those things.

When she inexplicably heard Chen Feibai hang up after he finished speaking and listened to the beeping sound, Jiang Yao only thought that Chen Feibai might be feeling depressed.

Everyone knew what it meant to lose contact, especially with those soldiers.

Chen Feibai was probably worried that they would be injured.

Chen Feibai was a person with a sharp tongue but a soft heart.

Jiang Yao sighed.

It was already dark outside, but Liang Yueze did not give her any news.

Once it was 10 0clock, Jiang Yao forced herself to sleep.

There might be a tough battle the next day.

She tossed and turned.

As soon as she closed her eyes, all Jiang Yao could see was Lu Xingzhi.

All she could think of was whether she would miss any messages on her phone..

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