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Chapter 2172: The Final Tranquility

To some extent, Cheng Jinnians words consoled Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao regained her composure and asked, “Master Cheng went as well”

“Yes, Father accompanied Brother.”

Cheng Jinnian said, “Father said that he hadnt returned there for many years.

Some people dont recognize Brother, so he had to go.”

Jiang Yao was stunned.

She had no idea Master Chengs influence in the country would crumble after so many years.

Jiang Yaos heart skipped a beat as she heard Cheng Jinnians words.

Even though she and Madam Cheng were blood-related, she had nothing to do with Master Cheng.

She was a little shocked that Master Cheng would do that for her.

“Sister, can I touch the baby I havent felt the baby for so long.” Cheng Jinnian reached out with his hand, but he stopped in time to ask.

“Okay.” Jiang Yao did not hear what Cheng Jinnian said and just replied to him.

When she felt a small hand on her stomach, Jiang Yaos eyes softened.

She lowered her head and saw Cheng Jinnian smiling.

She laughed softly.

“Im not made of tofu.

You dont have to be so careful,” Jiang Yao said.

“Mommy said that babies are very fragile.

Even though I believe I am very strong, Mommy always says I am still a baby.”

“Arent you still a baby” Mrs.

Jiang laughed.

She found Jiang Yaos younger brother very interesting the first time she saw him.

He was very naughty but spoke like a little adult.

However, sometimes he always acted like a child.

“By the way, how is your mothers health lately”

Madam Cheng had suffered severe injuries before and was vegetative for a while.

Therefore, Madam Chengs body had been weak ever since she woke up.

Master Cheng and his family went to HL to take care of Madam Chengs health.

The weather was suitable for Madam Cheng.

It was not until Madam Cheng had improved that the family moved back.

“Mommy has been in good health recently.

Even the doctor praised her for recovering quickly.

She takes a lot of medicine daily, but she doesnt even frown.

Ive smelled it before.

The medicine stinks.

Its traditional medicine.

I think that medicine could probably take my life.

Its too scary.”

Cheng Jinnian would become a chatterbox when it came to his parents.


Jiang asked, and he could then go on for quite some time about that subject.

He would talk about what Madam

Cheng ate, did, and read every day, where she liked to go for a walk, and what flowers she liked.


Jiang was not interested in Madam Chengs private life.

She just liked watching the child describe the life of an elderly person in detail, which showed that the child was respectful.

Therefore, she always paid attention to his mothers situation.

It also showed that the childs temperament was more mature and steady than that of ordinary children.

Of course, the most interesting thing was that Cheng Jinnian and Jiang Yao were blood-related, and both were chatterboxes..

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