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Chapter 2152: 19 Years Old

Old Master Qian was getting on in years and had lived a long life.

However, with the death of their family members at the time, many of the Qian familys subordinates had already dispersed.

Those who fought on the battlefield in the early years of the war were all scarred.

How many of them were fortunate enough to live a long time

Many of them died in their forties or fifties many years ago.

“Sergeant Hus father is an honest man.”

He would not have committed suicide by lying on the tracks and leaving a suicide note if he had not killed two people.

“Thats not right!”

Jiang Yao slapped her thigh.

“I suddenly remembered the suicide note left by Sergeant Hus father.

The note mentioned an old friend.

According to what you just told me, Qian Zhibin must be the one who has been helping Sergeant Hus father.

Then, the person he mentioned in the note has to be Qian Zhibins son!”

Jiang Yao suddenly raised her eyes and looked at Shao Fucheng.

“So the one who really encouraged Sergeant Hus father to do that was Qian Zhibins son!”

It was the illegitimate child that Qian Zhibin had sent abroad!

Qian Zhibin brought the illegitimate child home and placed him for adoption because Jiang Yao remembered that Qian Zhibin and his wife did not have children.

“That child shouldnt be very old this year, right”

Jiang Yao was also shocked by that.

“Nineteen years old.”

There was a hint of admiration in Shao Fu Chengs eyes.

He did not expect to have such an easy conversation with Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao had already guessed what he had not mentioned yet.

“A 19-year-old boy already has such shrewdness”

How could Jiang Yao believe that

Look at Ye Jianguo.

A 20-year-old boy was still as innocent as a young boy.

How could a 19-year-old boy, raised by a wealthy family like the Qian family, have such terrifying shrewdness and scheming

“A 19-year-old boy can calculate a persons mind with such precision.

He must have known that Sergeant Hus father would not expose him.

Therefore, when he asked Sergeant Hus father to do those things, he must have had nothing to fear, right”

Jiang Yaos heart sank.

“We didnt think it would be that child because of his young age.

I think we can understand it better now.”

Jiang Yao said, “Madam Chai was his biological mother, and she died in prison.

Chai Xianglong was his half-brother.

He fell from the hospital building and died.

Qian Zhibin, his father, had also died.

In this world, he only has Old Master Qian.

Furthermore, I heard that because Old Master Qian always thought that Qian Zhibin adopted the boy, so he did not value him very much and did not love him much.”

“Yes, thats why he hates you and Colonel Lu.

He should still hate Colonel Lus brothers.” Shao

Fucheng gave Jiang Yao another piece of bad news.

“I guessed someone must have investigated

Qian Zhibins illegitimate sons current whereabouts.

Unfortunately, he had already dropped out of school.

No one knows where he is now.

After he was sent abroad by Qian Zhibin, there was no record of him entering the country.

He must be hiding abroad or has used special methods to return to the country and hide here.”.

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