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Chapter 2140: Any New Development

To put it bluntly, Old Master Qian had no motive to attack Zhou Xiaoxias family.

Furthermore, there should not be anyone around Old Master Qian who could make a move.

Furthermore, Old Master Liang had stated that Old Master Qian would never do such a thing.

When they were younger, the two men had a good relationship.

If Qian Zhibin had not done so many bad things, the Liang and Qian families would still be in touch.

However, Jiang Yao would not tell Li Yi and the others about those things because it would only increase their worries.

After all, they did not know much about the affairs of the circle in Jindo City.

Jiang Yao comforted the girls on the phone for a long time.

After she hung up, she looked at the time.


Jiang summoned her to the living room to eat.

She entered the living room, calling Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi picked up the phone quickly.

When she picked up the phone, Jiang Yao could still hear someone talking on the other side.

“Busy In the office Have you eaten”

The only thing that comforted Jiang Yao about Lu Xingzhis mission was that he could still talk on the phone with his family.

“Not yet.” Perhaps it was because he was angry with someone just a second before he picked up the phone, so Lu Xingzhis first words were a little harsh.

Then, he realized his tone was not right, so he quickly adjusted.

“There was a situation.

Now everyone is discussing how to deal with it.”

Lu Xingzhi sounded angry.

If it were not for the mission, with his usual temper, he would have left.

Half an hour ago, a citizen reported seeing people entering and leaving the firecracker factory in a relatively remote village in the west.

During the previous operation, the people caught in the firecracker factory were nobodies.

Therefore, that report received much attention from the action team.

Lu Xingzhi was there to assist them; he was not the person in charge.

As soon as that report was picked up, the captain said he would arrange for people to arrest and bring those who were not caught last time to justice.

What Lu Xingzhi meant was that that report was rigged.

His first thought was that the clue was strange.

Most team members agreed with the captains assessment that they needed to seize the opportunity to apprehend the criminal and bring them to justice.

Only a few people agreed with Lu Xingzhis analysis.

Similarly, for the sake of the team members safety, Lu Xingzhi insisted on not allowing the captain to arrange the operation hastily.

The captain also insisted that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

He had no idea where those people would go if they missed that chance.

The two of them began to argue in the office.

Lu Xingzhi had a bad temper.

His tolerance and patience for people other than Jiang Yao were even lower.

Even the captains temper blew up.

He slapped the table and argued with Lu Xingzhi incessantly.

Lu Xingzhi was not the type to raise his voice and argue with others.

He only needed to put on a

blank expression to make people angry.

That was why Lu Xingzhi could answer Jiang Yaos phone call.

Lu Xingzhis plan was first to answer a phone call from his wife and be happy before doing anything else.

“Always eat on time!” Jiang Yao said that when she heard Lu Xingzhi say he had not eaten yet.

Then she asked, “Is there any new development in Yuan City Li Yi and the others just called me.

Everyone in Nanjiang City is aware of it.

They claimed that the story had appeared in the local newspaper.

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