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Chapter 2118: It Had Nothing To Do With Love

Lu Xingzhis face was solemn as he said, “But thats what I was talking about the other day.

I thought you knew.

After all, other than that matter, I cant find you to help me with anything else.”

“I didnt know that.

You didnt explain yourself clearly.

Go, pick up the phone! Its been ringing for so long.

There must be something urgent!” Jiang Yao prayed that he would pick up the phone soon.

While he was not paying attention, she would sneak out of the bedroom and hide in the study.

She would sleep in the study that night.Please support our Bonnovel.com

It would be even better if he would go to the study after the call.

She could lock the bedroom door.

It was more comfortable to sleep in her own bed.

“Youll help me after I pick it up” Lu Xingzhi smiled evilly.

“Let me touch them Rub against them Kiss them”

Jiang Yao grabbed the pillow in her hand and threw it at his face.

“Kiss In your dreams!”

Lu Xingzhi laughed out loud.

He knew that he could not go overboard with his teasing.

However, he felt uncomfortable.

If his wife did not want to help him, then he needed a distraction.

Lu Xingzhi glanced at the phone on the bedside table.

He grabbed the phone and pressed the answer button.

“Big Brother, why are you calling me so late at night Is there anything urgent”

Lu Xingzhi emphasized the word urgent, which meant that if there was no urgent matter, he should not call him at night to disturb him from teasing his wife.

“VVhat happened to the photo Why did Jiang Yao send the photo to Lin Qianyun and say that sentence Also, how did Jiang Yao know Lin Qianyun” How would Liang Yueze know what Lu Xingzhi was doing at that moment

However, from his stinky tone, he guessed that he must be making out with his wife.

“Do you know what your wife said about that photo” Liang Yueze asked tentatively.

Lu Xingzhi dragged out his reply.

“I know because thats what I said—my man.”

Liang Yueze almost threw his phone out the window.

He wondered why he had the misconception that his third brother was the one who typed that when he saw the text message.

He did not expect that it was really Lu Xingzhis doing.


Liang Yueze did not understand that.

“Im surprised you didnt stop your wife when she wanted to take a photo with me.

“Your wife sent a photo of her and me to another woman, and you even came up with such a weird sentence.

Im shocked.”

Liang Yueze almost said that he was scared.

Who would not be scared when a jealous person suddenly stopped being jealous

“It seems that Lin Qianyun showed you the photo and the text message.”

Lu Xingzhi clicked his tongue.

“That woman surprised me.”

Not only did she not hide the fact that she investigated Jiang Yao and then attacked her behind her back, but she actually showed the photo to Liang Yueze

Therefore, that woman was quite impressive.

However, her actions also confirmed one point.

She did not care about who Liang Yueze was with.

Otherwise, under normal circumstances, when an ordinary person received that photo, they would think of ways to find out the identity of the woman who sent the text message.

However, Lin Qianyun did not do that.

Even though she had run an investigation in Jindo City, she did not find any useful information.

Within a short period, she had shown the text message to Liang Yueze.

So, why would a woman who did not care about Liang Yueze use any means possible to break up Liang Yueze and Luo Ruoran

It had nothing to do with love that made people lose their senses.

Then what was the reason.

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