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“Why are you looking at me like that” Shao Fucheng looked at the people in the office strangely, then walked toward the chief.

He said, “Ive been searching all morning, but I did not find any useful information.

But if theres anything the three women have in common, theres only one.”

Lu Xingzhi immediately thought of an important situation.Support our Bonnovel.com

“Sergeant Hus father delivered the water during the martial arts event yesterday.” Lu Xingzhi looked at the chief and said, “When he delivered the water for the second time, mywife and I were still at the water station.

If Seargent Hus father was the one who instigated Colonel Yes son to push my wife, then could he be the one who gave the abortion drugs to the three women.

When Lu Xingzhi finished speaking, Shao Fucheng was surprised.

“Sergeant Hus father instigated Colonel Yes son to push Doctor Jiang

That news was too explosive for Shao Fucheng.

Then, he looked at the files on the table and then at Colonel Ye and his son.

He guessed that Colonel Yes son was looking at the photos before entering the room.

Shao Fucheng said, “If Seargent Hus father instigated Colonel Yes son to kill Doctor Jiang, then Seargent Hus father is also very likely the person who caused the three women to take the abortion drug.

Even though we still cant guess his motive, we need to know how he gave them those drugs

After Shao Fucheng finished speaking, he looked at Lu Xingzhi.

They looked at each other and then said a word in tacit understanding.



Lu Xingzhi was not surprised to hear Shao Fucheng say the same thing as him.

The three women went to watch the martial arts competition.

The weather was so hot yesterday.

They probably drank the water from the water supply.

Sergeant Hus father delivered the water.

He would have had the opportunity to put the drugs into the water.

Lu Xingzhis eyes darkened.

Other people would be fine if they drank the water mixed with the abortion drugs, but pregnant women would have a miscarriage if they drank it.

However, Lu Xingzhis heart trembled when he thought about that.

If there were abortion drugs in the water, then what did he do yesterday

He had poured the water into Jiang Yaos bottle.

He also told her to drink more water since it was hot.


Later, the chubby boy pushed her to the ground.

Lu Xingzhi even fed her water when she took some medicine.

He was the one who personally fed the water to her.

If there were abortion drugs in the water, then how many mistakes did he make yesterday

How lucky was his child to survive that How much luck did he have to be a father

“Even if there was a problem with the water, theres no way to investigate that now.

Weve already drunk all the water from yesterday.” Shao Fucheng felt helpless about that.

“If we wanted to confirm whether theres a problem with Seargent Hus father, we must first determine if the water was mixed with abortion drugs.”

“Thats true.

Otherwise, Sergeant Hu might not admit to anything, especially something a six-year-old said.

He might say the kid made it up to avoid taking responsibility for his actions.

He might also say that Colonel Ye taught his son to say that.

I dont even know if anyone saw him talking to Colonel Yes son yesterday.” Zhou Junmin touched his chin.

“But it doesnt matter if someone sees them talking unless they heard what hes saymg..”


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