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“Its okay for me to sit like this.

I slept all day yesterday.

If I lie down again today, my body wont be able to take it.” Jiang Yao smiled.

“I care more about my child than you do, so dont worry.

Ill take good care of your son.”

Jiang Yao thought that only Mr.

and Mrs.

Lu were there when Lu Xingzhi mentioned that their parents had arrived.

However, they saw their four elderly family members when they pushed the door open.

Jiang Yao said, “Why are you all here”


Lu was the first to respond.

“Why cant we be here We were worried sick about you! Your parents had to come when they heard about what had happened.

They arrived in town at night to take the morning flight.

So, we thought we might as well take the night train.”

“How are you” Mr.

Lu asked with concern.Please support our website and read on Bonnovel.com

“Im fine.

The doctor is keeping her for observation for two more days.

If everything is okay with her, then we can leave, and she can recuperate at home,” Lu Xingzhi said.

Then he took some chairs for the elderly guests.


Jiangs heart bled as she noticed her daughters vacant expression, and she began to cry.

Jiang Yao used to have boundless energy every day.

Her daughter was still in excellent shape when she last saw Jiang Yao.

Her complexion had been great, as opposed to her sickly appearance then.

“Mom, Im fine.

Dont cry.” Jiang Yao became anxious when she saw her mother cry.

“Dad, please tell her Im perfectly fine.

The baby is also doing well.

Youll see your grandson soon.

Youll need to prepare gifts for the babys arrival.”

“Im fine.

I panicked last night.

And when I saw you like this, I felt terrible.” Mrs.

Jiang shook her head and wiped her tears.

She was afraid that if she cried, her daughter would cry too.

She did not want her daughter to feel more burdens.

“Mom, Dad, please stay with her.

I have to go back to the army base to take care of some stuff.

I will bring some necessities for her when Im back.” Then, Lu

Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yao and said, “Ill head back to the army base.

Are you okay with Mom and Dad”

Jiang Yao nodded with a look of disdain.

“Go on and do your thing.

You make it sound like I cant do it without you.

Lu Xingzhis expression froze, and his heart soured.

His wife did not want him to be as reluctant to part with her as he was.

Lu Xingzhi did have something to do, so he did not waste time and returned to the army base.

With the four elderly people around, Jiang Yaos mood also improved.

“Yaoyao, I took a month off work.

I will take care of you before returning to my work.

Your mother and I will also return to stay with you after you give birth.

If you want to spend time here after you give birth, then we will wait for you at home.

Well take you home if you prefer to go home.” Mrs.

Lu caressed Jiang Yaos face lovingly.

“Its hard being pregnant.

Well cook your favorite dishes for you.

“Thank you, Mom.”


Jiang Yao nodded.

She planned to hire a nanny to help out after she had her baby.

Her mom had her hands full with her brothers child, and Lu Xingzhis mother had to work.

They lived so far away that she did not want to bother them..


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