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Chapter 2052: Who Pushed Me

“Youre awake”

Jiang Yao had barely moved when Lu Xingzhi, who was standing beside the bed, noticed her.

He immediately stood up and pushed Jiang Yao down.

“Dont move.

The doctor told you to stay in bed and rest.

If theres anything, you can tell me.

Are you thirsty”

Jiang Yao nodded.

Lu Xingzhi poured warm water and brought it to her lips as he asked, “Does your stomach still hurt The doctor says that the baby is fine, but its safer to stay in the hospital for a few days for observation.”


Jiang Yaos throat felt much better after drinking two mouthfuls of water.

She looked out of the window.

The last time she closed her eyes, it was still bright.

At that moment, it was already dark.

“What time is it How long have I slept” Jiang Yao wanted to look for her phone, but she could not find it.

“Its past two in the morning.

You slept for one day and half a night.” To Lu

Xingzhi, every second was torture.

“Do you want to eat something”

“I have no appetite.”

Jiang Yao shook her head.

“Then drink some milk.

Mom and Dad will arrive tomorrow morning.

Let Mom make you something to eat.” It was rare that Lu Xingzhi did not manage to coax her to eat.

So, he heated some milk for her.

“Why did you tell Mom and Dad”

Jiang Yao asked, “Did you say anything to scare them Actually, Im fine.

I just need to rest for a while.

Im a doctor; I know about this.

“Mom called when you were having your checkup.

Shes smart; I couldnt hide it from her.” Lu Xingzhi had not wanted to alert the seniors at home.

However, they were still at the hospital when his mother called him.

She heard the background sounds and interrogated him.

He could not hide it from her.

Even if Lu Xingzhi did not say anything, Mrs.

Lu would still find out when she called the army base.

Jiang Yao drank the hot milk.

She thought for a moment and said, “Its good that Mom is here.

Ill need someone to take care of me for a few days.

That way, you can still continue with the competition.


“Im not competing anymore.

Nothing is more important than you.” Lu Xingzhi told Jiang Yao that he had given up on the competition.

She had been sleeping all day and did not move at all.

She was always tossing and turning when she slept.

It was as if there was no one around.

Lu Xingzhi was tense.

How could he still be in the mood to go back to the competition

“Who pushed me today”

Jiang Yao only had the energy to ask then.

Everything happened too suddenly.

She only felt a pair of hands pushing her from behind.

Then, the pain in her stomach made her panic.

How could she still think about turning around to see who pushed her

“Colonel Yes youngest son.”

Lu Xingzhi did not hide the details.

“Ill deal with it when my parents arrive.”

“Do Colonel Yes children have a tradition of harming others”

Jiang Yao scoffed.

“Oh, right! Ye Jianguo probably picked him up.”

After she finished mocking them, she pulled the blanket and covered half of her face.

“Maybe Ye Xueli instigated it”

“Well know when we investigate it tomorrow.”

Jiang Yao thought that Ye Xueli had instigated her younger brother.

That was a possibility.

After all, a six-year-old child would most likely be used by other people.

Furthermore, Colonel Yes youngest son was not very smart.

Otherwise, Xiao Ding and the others would not have been able to bully him until he walked home without his clothes..

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