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Chapter 2011: The Ways To Spoil Someone

It seemed like her bad mood had passed.

“Why do you suddenly want to eat melon seeds Are you still angry” Lu Xingzhi walked over and poured the melon seeds onto the table.

Then, he sat beside Jiang Yao and peeled the melon seeds for her.

“Just feel like eating it,” Jiang Yao responded.

Then, she diverted some of her attention from her phone to look at Lu Xingzhi before she turned back to watch Moes game.

When she saw that Moes game was over, she hurriedly took the phone.

She said excitedly, “Its my turn now.

Watch carefully.

Ill let you see what it means to have hand and eye coordination with speedy reflexes.

With your ability, youll be stuck on level three.”

Moe was so angry that he was about to die.

However, he was stuck on level three, indeed.

Therefore, he was at a disadvantage if he took turns playing with Jiang Yao.

She had nimble human hands; she was always bullying Moe.

He wagged his tail and jumped onto the coffee table to peel the melon seeds and eat them.

Once Jiang Yao took over, the game would not end until she played for more than ten minutes.

Moe looked at the peeled melon seeds on the side.

He stretched his claws to take some of the peeled seeds when he saw something.

He looked at the man sheepishly and obediently withdrew his claws.

Moe looked enviously at Jiang Yao, who was playing the game seriously and did not even look at Lu Xingzhi, peeling the melon seeds.

He thought,How could this woman have such a good life She even found a man patient enough to peel the melon seeds for her and watch her play the game.

Jiang Yao played the game for a full 20 minutes before it ended.

The games difficulty had increased, and she could not keep up with it.

Finally, it was game over for her.

When Moe heard that, he immediately jumped back onto her shoulder and took her phone to play the game.

Jiang Yao rubbed her shoulders and neck, which had not moved for 20 minutes, then moved to sit beside Lu Xingzhi.

When she saw the pile of melon seeds on the table, she smiled at him.

“Im touched by your kindness.”

Jiang Yao cupped Lu Xingzhis face and leaned forward to reward him with a kiss.

Then, she smiled and swept all the melon seeds into her palm before stuffing them into her mouth.

She was so satisfied!

“If those gossipy women knew that you were peeling melon seeds for me, they would be so jealous that their eyeballs would fall out.”

Jiang Yao snorted angrily, “That auntie was right.

Our parents didnt say that it was wrong for you to spoil me.

Who are they to be bossing me around”

“When Mom was pregnant with my sister, they didnt have much money.” Lu Xingzhi laughed.

“Dad tried his best to buy Mom the things she wanted to eat.

During the New Year, the family bought some new items.

Mom wanted to eat melon seeds, but she had a toothache at the time and didnt dare eat them.

Mom nagged at Dad before she went to bed.

In the end, Dad spent the whole night peeling a big bowl of melon seeds for her.

When Mom woke up the following day, she immediately cried when she saw the bowl by her bedside.

Mom said it was the most meaningful New Years gift that Dad had given her.” Jiang Yao was speechless.

“Dad must have taken the whole night to do that..”


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