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Chapter 1930: Time To Go Home

“Well, he would be even more sullen about it.

But he would quietly accompany me, or he would be anxious and shout at me.”

Lu Xingzhi was the same as Liang Yueze.

He did not like to offer any explanation.

If he were in such a situation, Lu Xingzhi would be anxious and furious.

He would be the same as he had been in his previous life; he would not know what to say.

He would only do things discreetly, and he would not tell her even if he did something.

Of course, some words would lose their meaning once they were said.

Liang Yueze thought,Same as him It looked like they were the same.

“Well, Id be angry and ignore him if he were to yell at me.”

Jiang Yao told the truth.

“He was like that when I first got married to him.”

Jiang Yao felt that Liang Yueze and Luo Ruoran had fallen into the same strange circumstance that she and Lu Xingzhi were in at that time.

“What happened after that” Liang Yueze listened attentively.

“I was the first to compromise.”

Jiang Yao laughed when she thought of Lu Xingzhi, who was so shocked by her embrace during the summer vacation that he did not even dare move his hands.

“Actually, when two people are together, one party has to learn to compromise first.”

Would Lu Xingzhi be so clingy with her if it was in the past

Would he tell her that he missed her so blatantly in the text message

That had seemed like a dream.

The rest of his words would seem a little illogical once he had said some things first.

It seemed like he would not feel embarrassed at all.

“Oh, right!” Jiang Yao suddenly looked at Liang Yueze cunningly.

“You still have to learn how to be shameless.”


Luo burst into laughter when she heard that.

She thought that Liang Yueze was the same as Lu Xingzhi.

They were both cold-hearted, did not like to talk, and kept their words to themselves.

The word shameless was suitable for their fourth brother; perhaps they could say the same for their fifth brother.


Luo did not dare to imagine Lu Xingzhi as a shameless person.

No wonder Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yaos relationship was so good.

It turned out that Lu Xingzhi behaved so differently in front of Jiang Yao.

“How to be shameless” Liang Yueze started to ask Jiang Yao for advice.

“For example, when Sister Ruoran chased you away, you should not leave.

You should just stay there.

She would chase you away a few times.

If she couldnt chase you away, she couldnt do anything to you.

Then, the two of you can spend more time together,” Jiang Yao said.

“Lu Xingzhi did that with you” Liang Yueze expressed his doubt.

It was true that she could not chase Lu Xingzhi away.

However, his inability to do that was reflected in his domineering attitude, not his shamelessness.

After all, the situation between her and Lu Xingzhi was completely different from Liang Yuezes and Luo Ruorans.

After Liang Yueze heard Jiang Yaos words, he stood there and thought about it for a long time.

It seemed like he was considering whether the methods Jiang Yao mentioned were feasible.

Meanwhile, the shameless and overbearing person that Jiang Yao mentioned had already gotten Big Ke to purchase a plane ticket for her without her knowledge.

Jiang Yao confirmed that Luo Ruoran and the baby were okay before she left the hospital.

She had wanted to take a walk around, but Big Ke told her something else.

“Director Jiang, we should go back to the hotel to pack our things and then head to the airport.

I have booked a flight, and its in three and a half hours.

We should have about 40 minutes to pack our things.” Jiang Yao glared at Big Ke as soon as he finished speaking.

So, he said helplessly, “Young Master Lu told me to do it.

Im just following his instructions.

If you dont want to go back early, then please call Young Master Lu to tell him that..”

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