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Chapter 1924: Who To Blame

“Yes, you look so much like your father.” Liang Yuezes eyes were gentle.

The baby had a small nose and mouth.

His eyebrows were so faint that they could not be seen, but he looked like him.

He looked like Liang Yueze when he was a child.


Luo was relieved when she heard that.

She had been worried about how they would conceal the childs situation.

It looked like she no longer had to think about that.

“You know, right”


Luo smiled helplessly.

“Do you blame us for lying to you”

Liang Yueze had to tear his gaze away from the baby and look at Mrs.


Blame them

He only realized his sons existence that day.

He had missed Luo Ruorans pregnant days, and he almost missed his sons birth.

However, who would he blame

Had it not been hard for Luo Ruoran to handle her pregnancy herself

Did her parents feel sorry for her

Who could they blame

Had it not been hard for Luo Ruoran to handle her pregnancy herself

Did her parents feel sorry for her

Who could they blame

That had happened because he had not been good enough.

He did not understand Luo Ruoran as he thought he did.

They must have blamed him for not taking good care of Ruoran, so she left him.

They did not hesitate to hide her pregnancy and even let her marry someone else.

He thought he had been more tired than Luo Ruoran during their six-month marriage.

He thought that she was heartless.

However, it seemed like she had been more worried than him.

She did not live as carefree as he thought she did.

“Mom, Im sorry.

I didnt take good care of Ruoran.” What right did he have to hit others What right did he have to blame others”

“We didnt know why you two got divorced.

But we know that both of you are very opinionated and stubborn.

We thought that your strong personalities would make you two unsuitable for each other.

We didnt even expect that you two would want to get married.

Ruorans father and I even had to think about it, but eventually, we agreed.

We thought you two would compromise.

We didnt expect you two would get a divorce, and we only knew after the fact.”


Luo turned to look at Luo Ruoran, who was lying on the hospital bed, and sighed helplessly.

“If you two continue to be like this, you will never be able to live like a normal couple.

Look at Lu


Have you seen him lose his temper with Jiang Yao You have to learn more from him.”


Luo paused for a few seconds and then said, “Of course, Luo Ruorans temper is incomparable to Jiang Yaos, who is tough and independent.

Thats why they can be friends.

Jiang Yao treats her husband with such softness, which is very good.

I also hope that Ruoran can do the same, but she cant change.

So, I can only be biased toward my daughter.

I hope you can learn to change and tolerate her temper.

She loves you so much.”

Which parent would not want their daughter to marry a husband who loved her However, love was not enough.

They need to learn to compromise with each other.

If they did not change, their love would not last..

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