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Gu Haoyu was swamped with work.

He did not get home until after 10:00 p.m.

local time.

Jiang Yao and the others had already returned to their rooms to rest, and Jiang Yao, a pregnant woman, had long fallen asleep.

When Gu Haoyu got home, the place was so silent that it did not appear as if he had any visitors.

When he got out of the shower and walked downstairs to look for food, he ran into Wen Xuehui, who was drinking water in the kitchen.

“Give me a cup too.” Gu Haoyu handed his cup to her.

Wen Xuehui did not even look at him.

Her voice was low and soft.

Gu Haoyu might not have heard it if the house were not silent.

“Im sorry for what happened last time.

I went back to look for you, but you had already left.” Gu Haoyu felt that he needed to repeat himself.

He had to apologize to her again.

“Theres no need for that.

I meant what I said.

You didnt have an obligation to help me when I got lost, just like I had no obligation to help you in Nanjiang City.” Wen Xuehui swirled the cup in her hand, and suddenly, she smiled.

“‘But its a good thing that I got lost because I met someone then.”

Wen Xuehui did not explain who she had met, but Gu Haoyu knew what she meant.

She must have met someone she liked.

There was a hint of girlish shyness in her excitement.

“I see.”

Wen Xuehui had already left the kitchen after Gu Haoyu finished speaking.

Gu Haoyu stayed in the kitchen for a while.

After taking some food from the fridge, he went up to the third floor to continue his unfinished work.

The most painful thing for those who were jet-lagged was that it was still dark even though they had just woken up.

It was still a quiet night.

After Jiang Yao woke up, she saw that Wen Xuehui was still sleeping, and she went to find Xiao An.

Sure enough, Xiao An slept while holding onto the Husky.

“Director Jiang, since we dont have anything to do here, I can head back to Nanjiang City with the others.” Xiao An seemed eager to go home.

“The research institute is busy with work right now.

If we go back early, well be able to help as well.”


You can have a good rest when your experiment is over.” Jiang Yao nodded.

“Lets play cards for now.

Ill get Lin Techeng and Qiong Hui.

Well play a game to exercise our brains.

Its pretty good.”

Xiao An was bored and immediately agreed to Jiang Yaos suggestion.

The two of them went to get the other two.

Then, they gathered in Lin Techengs room and started to play.

The four of them and the dog had a great time.

They could not sleep, but the other people in the hotel were in deep slumber.

A group of people armed with guns silently crept into the hotel in the middle of the night.

They instantly took control of the hotel and used its delivery truck to quickly transport the group of unconscious guests out of the hotel.

They pried open the hotel safe and took all the documents kept there.

They swept everything clean..


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