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Chapter 1885 A Pregnant Woman Who Cant Stay Idle

They agreed to let Zhou Weiqi become a father first.

Why did the heavens not play by the rules

“Weve decided to try to get pregnant since last year, so its normal for her to be pregnant now.

You are still an idiot who spends so much time chasing after his wife.

You think youll be a father before me” Lu Xingzhi chuckled and then hung up the phone.

He had intended to call Liang Yueze, but when he turned around, Jiang Yao had already stopped the call with Jiang Lei.

He put his phone away and headed up toward Jiang Yao.

“Youve told your second brother” he asked; he raised his hand and touched her belly.

“Yes, he was shocked.”

Jiang Yao nodded cunningly.

“He said he wanted to come back to see me, but I told him there was no need.

Let him earn money in Jindo City and make more money to spend on his future nephew.”

Jiang Lei had wanted to return to see her, but Jiang Yao rejected his offer.

She had just gotten pregnant, and it did not seem like she was pregnant.

If he rushed back from Jindo City, he would have to take a long flight.

There was no need for that.

He would return to see the baby after she gave birth, no matter where he was at that moment.

“Do you want to tell your teacher and tell him that youre going to take leave to stay at home, or will you wait until youre nearer to your due date But youll have to take a leave of absence.

Fortunately, you graduated early, so having a baby now wont delay your college course,” Mrs.

Lu asked.

“Mom, Ill stay at home for two days before returning to the army with Xingzhi.

Im not heavily pregnant now, so I can still help my teacher for a little while more.

I can still learn more.

Ill go to school this semester.

After the winter break, Ill take a leave next semester.” Jiang Yao was not so delicate that she had to stay at home and do nothing once she was pregnant.

Besides, she could not stay idle either.

After some deliberation, Jiang Yao informed them that she needed to travel abroad soon.

Jiang Yao took the conference seriously since she had agreed to attend.

As she had said before, she had to go there and earn some respect for her colleagues.

When the elders heard that Jiang Yao would go abroad, they looked worried.

“Will it be too troublesome to go overseas to attend that conference Can you get used to the food there”

Jiang Yao tried her best to comfort the elders.

She was in good health, and the child was very healthy in her stomach.

It would not be hard to attend the conference.

Soon, Jiang Jie arrived with Wang Xian in tow.

They had lunch at the Lu family home.

It was livelier than the New Years feast.

Wang Xian would successfully give birth to a son based on the trajectory of her previous life.

However, Jiang Yao carefully examined Wang Xians body to ensure there were no issues.

Jiang Yao cheerfully counted Wang Xians due date, thinking that she would probably be able to return to see her nephew, whom she had been unable to hold in her previous life.

Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi did not go out.

They stayed at home for two days.


Lu also found a teacher to substitute for her classes for two days.

She stayed at home to cook delicious food for Jiang Yao and Moe.

She even dragged Lu Xingzhi into the kitchen to teach him so that he could learn how to cook Jiang Yaos favorite dishes.

Two days later, they took a plane back to Luo City.

When the plane landed, it was already past 8:00 p.m.

Lu Xingzhi was not in a hurry to bring Jiang Yao back to the army base.

Instead, he went to Jiang Yaos dormitory at the university.

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