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Chapter 1806: Who Is That Woman

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Lu Xingzhi closely examined Jiang Yaos expression.

He felt considerably more at ease when he saw how thrilled and excited she was about his arrangement.

Previously, when he approached Chen Xuyao about his arrangement, he had mocked Lu Xingzhi for a long time.

Chen Xuyao thought that a woman would travel to cities with huge department stores.

They preferred shopping.

As a result, Lu Xingzhi was concerned that Jiang Yao feigned to be delighted to accommodate him.

However, his concerns were unfounded.

That night, the two of them fell asleep while discussing the trips possibilities.

Jiang Yao had no idea when she fell asleep after that.

When she opened her eyes again, it was already morning.

It was clear that she had gotten a lot of rest.

It was seven a.m.

when she woke up.

Lu Xingzhi was dressed casually and preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

He appeared to have gone out for exercise in the morning and returned to the kitchen to prepare something to eat.

His hair was drenched.

“After breakfast, I will go to the citys police station.

You stay at home and avoid conversing with people who climb walls.

Dont go out to flaunt yourself, and dont eat popsicles!” Every time Lu Xingzhi left the house, he would nag her.

Jiang Yao shook her head.

Some might think she was frustrated.

‘When Lu Xingzhi got older, he would become a jealous man.

He had so much to say every day.

Why did he not go and speak to his soldiers

On the other hand, Lu Xingzhi had urgent matters to attend to.

After dinner, he changed into regular clothes and left with Chen Xuyao and Chu Sheng in an army car.

Jiang Yao had planned to fold the paper cranes that Lu Xingzhi had asked her to fold back as she had nothing to do that day.


someone knocked on their door not long after Lu Xingzhi left.

They were her neighbors.

They were there to see Jiang Yao after learning that she had been kidnapped.

Even though they did not bring any gifts, Jiang Yao did not prevent them from entering her home.

That was the military base, after all.

It was not a private residence, so it was not unusual for them to

visit her.

They were all neighbors, after all.

They would remain friends even if someone in their family were hospitalized or became ill.


Lu, they wanted to visit you, so I followed them here.” Ye Jianguo stood out among the aunties for his abrupt demeanor.

Of course, a girl in the back of the crowd in a bright red dress stood out even more than Ye Jianguo.

People were generally dressed in plain colors.

Thus, her presence was obvious.

She did look very smart, indeed.

“Who is that behind there” Jiang Yao turned around and asked one of the women.

“Im new here, so please, dont mind me.

I dont even recognize some of you.”

“It is fine.

Weve been new once, and we had the same problem then.” A woman waved her hand at Jiang Yao.

“Who did you mean”

“The woman in a red dress at the back,” Jiang Yao said.

“A red dress Oh, her father is Colonel Ye, your next-door neighbor.

Oh, you and Colonel Lu are a match made in heaven.

That person is an outsider.

Do not even consider inviting her in..”

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