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Chapter 1803: Let Me Ask You Something

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As a result, Mr.

Liang and Liang Yueze personally went to determine if Chen Xuyaos kidnapping at the time was an accident or a purposeful plan.

If they wanted to understand more about that, they could only rely on them to investigate.

Despite the passage of time, the criminals engaged in the case at the time had long been executed.

However, Liang Yueze believed that their actions would always leave traces and be discovered by others.

“How are you going to deal with the Zhu and Qian families Two of them are now in my hands,” Chen Xuyao said, shaking his lead-filled head.

“Since they dared to do this, I believe they must have a backup plan.

Therefore, I havent made any moves yet.

I want to wait for the outcome of the kidnapping

case first.”

“Then lets wait for the results to come out first.”

Lu Xingzhi patted Chen Xuyaos shoulder.

“Get Chu Sheng to stay in the army base Lets have some drinks tonight and let Jiang Yao accompany Chu Sheng to explain things to her.”

Chen Xuyao considered it and nodded in accord.

It did not matter to him, but Chu Sheng disliked staying in hotels.

It was impossible for her to stay in the lounge for the rest of her life.

She was in desperate need of a companion.

Lu Xingzhi went out by himself and returned with two companions.

When he opened the door and entered the courtyard, he noticed Jiang Yao squatting in the midst of it.

She appeared solemn.

She had no idea he had returned.

He could hear her babbling but could not understand what she was saying.

“Wife,” Lu Xingzhi called out to Jiang Yao.


‘When Jiang Yao heard Lu Xingzhis voice, she seemed to have found a supporter.

She spun around and leaped into the arms of Lu Xingzhi.

“That guy ate popsicles in front of me for the entire afternoon!” She stomped her foot angrily, pointing to the stillness under an umbrella in the courtyard.

Even Chen Xuyao, who was in a bad mood, laughed when he glanced at what was in front of him.

“Jiang Yao, your cat is living a happy life.”

There was an umbrella in the courtyard.

There was a small stool under the umbrella.

A palm-sized cat was lying on the stool.

The cat was licking the popsicle with its head lowered.

Its two paws were still pressing on the popsicle as if it was afraid it would be snatched away.

That cat would be able to live a happy life on a sunny beach if it had a basin of cold water.

‘When Jiang Yao heard that, he realized Lu Xingzhi had returned with Chen Xuyao and Chu Sheng, As a result, she broke away from Lu Xingzhi and grabbed Chu Shengs hand as they entered the house.

“Go wash the vegetables.”

Lu Xingzhi gave the vegetables to Chen Xuyao and carried Moe to the corner.

Chen Xuyao looked at Lu Xingzhi, who had left so suddenly.

What did Lu Xingzhi think of him How could he order him around like that

‘While Jiang Yao and Chu Sheng were chatting in the room, Lu Xingzhi talked to Moe about everything that had happened during the three hours that he had been gone.

‘When he heard from Moe say that Ye Jianguo, their next-door neighbor, had leaned against the wall and talked to Jiang Yao, and Jiang Yaos reply seemed to be pretty good, Lu Xingzhi thought that he would buy more bricks to build the wall a meter higher when he was free.

The wall would be two and a half meters tall then.

Lu Xingzhi felt that Ye Jianguo would never be able to climb over that wall.

Chen Xuyao was not an obedient person.

After entering the house, he put the things in his hands down and went to talk to Jiang Yao.

“Jiang Yao, let me ask you something.

Did Ruoran tell you that she was pregnant Did she say shed buy us drinks when the child is a month old”

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