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Chapter 1794: Bring Them Back For Interrogation

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At that moment, the people that Chen Xuyao brought from the army had already captured Qian Zhibin and Master Zhu.

The military truck had collided with the two luxurious private cars consecutively, and even the military truck had signs of wear and tear.

So one could only imagine the injuries that the

cars passengers had sustained.

“Why do you want me to catch him” Lu Xingzhi asked Chu Sheng after Mr.

Liang and Liang Yueze had found something to restrain those men.

Chu Sheng had only mouthed three words.

It was so simple that even Jiang Yao knew what she meant.

“Are you saying that that person is the kidnapper”

Lu Xingzhi nodded.

“He is a member of the Zhu family.

We are not sure if he kidnapped Jiang Yao, but it is an indisputable fact that he was involved in that kidnapping.”

Jiang Yao shook her head.

“Thats not right.” A member of the Zhu family could not have gone to Jindo City to kidnap Chu Sheng.

After all, they were too far away.

“Chu Sheng meant the kidnapping incident when she was young,” Jiang Yao said as Chu Sheng nodded frantically.

Then, Jiang Yao continued to say, “That person might be related to the kidnapping case when Chu Sheng was young.

Back then, the Qian family kidnapped Chu Sheng, using the information

from the kidnapping case as a trap.

The Zhu and Qian families must have had some insider information regarding that case back then.”

“Bring them back for interrogation.”

Lu Xingzhi turned around and called out to some of his comrades.

Then, he took out his phone and called Chen Xuyao so that he could bring Chu Sheng with him.

Chen Xuyao still had a lot of things to do in Jindo City, and the Chu family must have been worried sick thinking about Chu Shengs disappearance.

Therefore, Chen Xuyao should bring Chu Sheng back to Jindo City.


Liang and Liang Yueze did not stay idle either.

The two of them immediately took the next flight back to Jindo City.

Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yaos hand the entire time as they sat on the military truck until they returned to base.

Jiang Yao was safe.

Even though she returned in the middle of the night, all the other families in the army base had known about it.

‘When everyone heard that Colonel Lus wife had been rescued, they craned their necks to take a look, as if they wanted to see how she had looked when she returned.

Jiang Yao was neatly dressed, and she was still wearing the same clothes as when she left that day.

She did not mind those people watching her as she followed Lu Xingzhi back to their home.

Ye Jianguo was like a madman.

He opened the door and ran out in his pajamas.

If Lu Xingzhi had not stopped him, he might have hugged Jiang Yao excitedly.

However, no matter how much Ye Jianguo wanted to see Jiang Yao, he was blocked at the door by Lu Xingzhi.

“Colonel Lu, I just wanted to see if your wife is okay.

She should be scared out of her wits, right The kidnappers are too despicable.

They did such a thing in broad daylight.”

Lu Xingzhi shut the door on Ye Jianguo.

He frowned and walked across the living room impatiently.

The moment he saw Jiang Yao, his expression immediately softened.

“Did you end the training early because of me Did you win” Jiang Yao did not know that Ye Jianguo struggled to see her, so she thought that Lu Xingzhis expression was directed at her.

“No, its still ongoing without me.”

Lu Xingzhi scoffed, “Ive arranged everything in the battle plan so the drill wont have to be interrupted.

If they still lose, then they should all go home..”

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