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Chapter 1758: I Remember You

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“Have you been feeling much better lately My mother has been asking about you.

She has been feeling better ever since she started taking your medicine.

She also slept well at night and had a good appetite.” Mr.

Liang did not hang up immediately after talking about serious matters.

Instead, he asked

about Jiang Yaos health.

After all, she had suffered severe injuries.

He had not had the time to visit Jiang Yao in town while she was recovering.

“Dont worry, Uncle Liang, I am good.

Im not in Nanjiang City now.

Im in Luo City.

I followed a professor from our school to Luo City.” Jiang Yao was also happy when she heard that Old Madam Liang was in good health.

“Next time, if Old Madam Liang comes to the south, Ill definitely bring her to see

some nice scenery.

Last time, I had too many things to do.

I felt regretful that I couldnt bring her around.”

“Luo City” Liang Yueze might have known about that, but Mr.

Liang did not.


Liang thought that it was a piece of good news—she would be close to Lu Xingzhi.


Liang was amused.

That young couple had a good relationship, and he was envious.

He had two sons.

The older one seemed to have a good relationship with his wife, but anyone could see it was only an act.

His younger son had even lost his wife, who had since remarried.

He would be satisfied if one of his two sons could be like Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao.

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yao called Jiang Lei to inform him about the news.

Jiang Lei was in YN, so he already knew about the situation.

“Even if you didnt call me, Im already making preparations to return to the country in the next two days.

We do feel that the atmosphere here is starting to become tense.

We dont like going to the city center.

Wed rather hide in the countryside.

Its only a matter of time before they start fighting.” Jiang

Lei had already made all the necessary arrangements in the past few days.

“Thats good.”

Jiang Yao nodded and told Jiang Lei that she was not in Nanjiang City.

He seemed quite busy—he had been talking to other people while he was on the phone call with her.

So, Jiang Yao hung up to not continue to disturb her brother.

Jiang Yao did not notice that the entire bus stop was staring at her while she was on the phone.

Some people were staring at her face, while others were staring at the phone in her hand.

Some were even trying to eavesdrop on her call.

At that time, a phone was quite rare.

One could say it was a luxury item.

Some people were even reluctant to buy a black-and-white TV.

So, those people were envious when they saw Jiang Yao with a phone that only a big boss could afford.

“I finally remember who you are!”

A boy about the same age as Jiang Yao pointed at her and shouted, “Miss Jiang! Youre the new Miss Jiang from our university! ”

Before the boy continued to speak, he pushed the people in front of him and ran toward Jiang Yao.

“Miss Jiang, Im also a student at the university.

I saw you the day I went back to school! I also saw you with our medical graduate students.

I heard them calling you Miss Jiang.

I didnt expect to see you in

the army base!”

Jiang Yao heard the boys words and asked, “Are you Colonel Yes family member”

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