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Chapter 1692: We Have But They Dont

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“Colonel, youve sent them all out, and were the only ones left” Xiao Gao pointed at himself and then at his comrades.

“Then what are we going to do

“Go find a few rocks that are about the size of a communication device, cover them with leaves, and put them on the table.

You guys are in charge of guarding the command center.

If the Red Team attacks us, you guys should run.” Lu Xingzhi pointed at the empty spot on the table where the communication device used to be.

Xiao Gao and the others were confused.

“Run What about the doctors”

“Dont we need to care about them”

The young soldier was also scared by the order to run away.

He blinked and thought he had heard wrong.

“One point will be deducted for each doctor in the logistics department, and three points will be deducted for each captured doctor.”

“The scouts went to investigate just now.

There are seven doctors on the other side, three men and four women, all in their twenties.” Lu Xingzhi suddenly smiled meaningfully.

Xiao Gao did not understand.

However, he felt that the Colonels smile was a little creepy.

Usually, when the Colonel smiled, there was an 80% chance that someone would be very unlucky.

However, when the other young soldier heard that, his attention was focused on the people in their twenties.

Then, he curled his lips and said, “I heard that there was one who looked like she was only 18 years old! Handsome men and beautiful women.

What does that mean They are all burdens for their team.

So, theyre there to look pretty only Why didnt we get attractive doctors too”

“The people we have here are nurses transferred from the hospital.

There are five women and two men.

The average age of those five female nurses is around 35 years old.

They are senior nurses in the hospital.

We also have two slightly younger male doctors, who are also 30 years old.

The hospital said they value their manpower more than our drills.

Thats why they dont want to assign young doctors and nurses here.

Theyre afraid that the young people wont be able to endure the hardships here.”

“But in terms of fitness, young people are stronger.

Those doctors and nurses have been working for many years, but I heard that their work is very challenging, and they dont have the time to exercise.” The soldier beside him shook his head.

“Didnt we take turns helping them up the mountain just now If they were younger, they probably wouldnt be so useless,” Xiao Gao said.

“For example, like the Red Teams graduate students!”

Xiao Gao giggled.

“Theyre young, good-looking, and studious.

They are like the children that my mother always mentioned.”

“Are you done commenting”

Lu Xingzhi glanced at the two of them.

When both of them had shut up, he said, “Their doctors are different from us.

That is beneficial to us.”

“How” Xiao Gao did not understand.

“We have female soldiers, but they dont.”

Lu Xingzhi was exceptionally pleased with himself.

Then, he walked toward the female soldiers.

The female soldiers had stood there for a long time.

Just when they thought that their colonel would not give them any tasks, he finally walked toward them.

“The five of you can go and change your coats with the five female doctors inside,” Lu Xingzhi said.

Then, he glanced at the doctors hiding in the tent and called Xiao Gao.

“You and No.

11 can change your coats with the two male doctors.”

“You want us to pretend to be those doctors” Xiao Gao exclaimed, “Why do we have to change our coats Actually, were all wearing the same clothes..

No one can recognize those doctors anyway.”

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