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Chapter 166: Why Are You Here

Before the opening ceremony ended, Jiang Yao left the hall alongside Chancellor Wen and Huang Chengjing.

The reason why Huang Chengjing was here today was not merely to express his gratitude, but he also wanted to bring Jiang Yao to the hospital.

“My fathers condition has been getting more stable in the last two days.

He was quite energetic this morning.

He wanted to see you and thank you personally.” Huang Chengjing was afraid that Jiang Yao would be scared and explained immediately, “My father is a nice person, so theres no need for you to be nervous.

Chancellor Wen will be going with you too.”

“Alright.” Jiang Yao agreed after she gave it some thought.

Jiang Yao was willing to follow him to the hospital because Huang Chengjing had assisted her in his speech.

Not only did Zhang Xiqing embarrass herself at the school today but she even embarrassed the Zhang family.

She also considered it as helping Wen Xuehui in the previous life to take revenge on Zhang Xiqing.

Huang Chengjing did not drive himself here and his driver was waiting for him outside.

Jiang Yao went to the hospital by Chancellor Wens car.

When they were on their way there, Chancellor Wen was perhaps still worried that Jiang Yao would be nervous, so he told her some things about the Chairman of Hairun Group.

He was mostly saying that the Chairman was a friendly man.

The three of them gathered at the entrance of the hospital.

After they got out of the car, Jiang Yao followed both Chancellor Wen and Huang Chengjing into the ward section.

However, even Jiang Yao herself did not expect to see a familiar figure walking down the stairs that led to the ward section when she first walked into the hospital.

He was walking at a fast pace and focused on his steps as if he was in a hurry to leave the ward section.

“Lu Xingzhi!” Jiang Yao shouted the mans name from far away.

She got excited and pushed both Chancellor Wen and Huang Chengjing aside.

She did not care if Lu Xingzhi had noticed her or otherwise and dashed towards the man immediately.

She lunged into Lu Xingzhis arms straightaway without considering whether Lu Xingzhi could hold her violent dash.

“Why are you here” Jiang Yao wrapped her arms around Lu Xingzhis waist in excitement.

Upon seeing Lu Xingzhis stunned face when he saw her, she kept on smiling at him.

“Quick! Tell me! Why are you here”

When she first saw Lu Xingzhis figure, she thought that she was hallucinating.

However, upon taking a closer look, and judging by his body figure and the way he walked, she was certain that the man she saw was Lu Xingzhi, who should be in the army by that time.

Lu Xingzhi had rushed back to town the previous night by flight and had gone straight to the hospital without stopping anywhere.

He was about to go to Jiang Yaos university to give her a surprise but he did not expect to meet her at the hospital.

When he saw Jiang Yaos little head leaning against his chest, looking at him with her eyes gleaming, there was only one feeling in his heart, which was happiness.

The low spirits that Lu Xingzhi was in for the whole night finally faded away.

“Im here to settle something,” Lu Xingzhi explained in one sentence.

“My comrades mother has been admitted into hospital and Im here to comfort him.

How about you”

Lu Xingzhi reached out his hand to touch Jiang Yaos forehead immediately when he was talking.

He thought that she had fallen sick.

“Ah!” Jiang Yao only remembered her purpose of being there once Lu Xingzhi asked her the question and she remembered the men she had pushed aside.

She turned around and saw both Chancellor Wen and Huang Chengjing looking in her direction.

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“Im here with the vice-chancellor to pay a visit to the chairman of Hairun Group.” Only then did Jiang Yao back out from Lu Xingzhis arms and feel disgusted with herself.

Her heart could literally block anyone out once she saw Lu Xingzhi.

“Jiang Yao, hes your husband, right” Chancellor Wen was the first to react.

He assumed that the man was Jiang Yaos husband once he noticed a soldier in uniform who had a straight and firm stance.


Chancellor Wen, General Manager Huang, hes my husband, Lu Xingzhi, and hes a soldier.” Jiang Yao introduced him to them while touching her nose, feeling embarrassed.

After all, she was behaving like a little lunatic just now while dashing straight to Lu Xingzhi to hug him.

Looking back at the scene, she felt that she was a little…

Erm, a little out of control.

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