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Chapter 1640: May You Have A Baby Soon

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“You—” Luo Ruorans pupils contracted slightly.

“Why are you here”

“I just happened to be here on a business trip and also stayed in that hotel.

I knew that you were getting married, so I came here.” Liang Yueze curled the corners of his lips mockingly, and the tip of his tongue pressed against his upper jaw as he said something that was meant to be hurtful to someone.

“Conveniently came over to congratulate you.

I wish you eternal happiness.”

Luo Ruoran thought that it was fortunate that her makeup artist had given her enough blush today.

Otherwise, she was not sure if she would be able to maintain her appearance after hearing those words.

She tried her best to maintain the smile on her face.

She also believed that with a smile and the makeup on her face, she would definitely look gorgeous at that moment.

She tried her best to find her voice.

In a trance, she heard herself answer him.

“Thank you.”

“And…” perhaps it was because her thanks went straight into his heart like a knife.

Liang Yueze moved his gaze away from her face and finally said, “May you have a baby soon.”

“With your blessing, when my child is born, if you are free, I will invite you to the banquet.”

Luo Ruorans smile did not change at all.

Her face was like a mask; there was only one expression.

Then, Liang Yueze took out the gift that he had already prepared.

He handed her a thick red envelope and said, “Its a small gift.”

“Sure, since you have already prepared it for me, I will definitely accept it.”

Luo Ruoran had always known that he was very generous, but sometimes she hated his generosity.

The red envelope seemed to contain a ton of things.

“When you get married, Ill definitely give you a bigger and heavier one.”

He responded very casually.

The dizzy light shone on the familiar face in front of him.

At that moment, he suddenly felt a strange feeling.

“I still have something to do, so Ill leave first.”

Liang Yueze did not know if Luo Ruoran would ask him to stay and attend her wedding, but he could not stay.

He could not watch her being hugged and kissed by another man.

He could not continue watching her smile at another man.

She seemed regretful at that moment, then she stood there and watched him leave.

Liang Yueze put his empty hands into his trouser pockets.

He said he would leave, but he still stood there and watched for a few more seconds.

Then, he turned around and nodded at the two elders.

He greeted them before his gaze fell on her again.

Luo Ruoran saw his lips open—he said one sentence, and then he left.

His words were very light, so light that only she and he could hear them.

So light that perhaps she did not even hear it clearly.

Otherwise, why would he say such words

She heard him say, “Luo Ruoran, dont come back to our country.”

He said, “Luo Ruoran, if you leave, dont come back.”

Luo Ruoran thought that that was probably what he had always wanted.

After the wrong intersection, they were separated.

They would be in their own cities from then onward, and they would be safe.

They would not disturb each other.

They did not even need to see each other anymore.

However, why did he ask her to make space for him

Why did he always ask her to give way

She gave an inch, and he wanted a mile.


Luo looked at Luo Ruoran, whose eyes were already teary.

She hugged her daughter and said, “If you dont want to do this, you dont have to get married today..

If you want, we can make him marry you again.”

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