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Chapter 1630: Master Cheng Did It

“Family members cant get married to each other,” Cheng Jinyan explained patiently.

Cheng Jinnian pouted unhappily and muttered, “Who set the rules”

Xiao Ya said, “You want to steal Yao from Lu Xingzhi Ill tell him not to let you come here in the future! Jiang Yao can only be my third brothers wife!”

Then, Xiao Ya held onto Jiang Yaos arm.

“Right, Jiang Yao”

Jiang Yao did not say anything to the childish Xiao Ya.

Her phone vibrated in her pocket, and a new message came in.

Jiang Yao looked at the sender of the message and gasped.

It was from Big Ke.

Jiang Yao wondered why Big Ke would message her.

When she opened it, Jiang Yao finally learned the reason.

Big Ke knew that there were many people in the Lu family, so he was afraid that it was inconvenient for her to speak on the phone.

So, he had sent a text message instead.

Big Ke had an unexpected guest.

Jiang Yao put her phone away and turned to speak to Mrs.


“Mom, I have something to do.

Im going out for a while.

Its just nearby.”

Jiang Yao went out of the house to take a stroll.

When she was sure no one was following him, she went to Big Ke and Ah Lus location.

The three men in the room were talking.

When they saw Jiang Yao, they turned to look at her.

“Brother Yongjun.”

Jiang Yao walked over to Ruan Yongjun and did not hide the surprise on her face.

“Why are you here”

That unexpected guest was Ruan Yongjun, who was supposed to be in YN.

He was a friend who had met Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi in YN.

Ruan Yongjun and Carl helped Jiang Yao manage the mines in YN.

“Carl and I found a lot of people investigating you at Y N.

We were worried.

I discussed this with Carl before I came here to look for you.

Im a veteran.

I cant do anything else, but I can still protect you.” Ruan Yongjun scratched his head and said, “Ive been in the county town for a long time, but I found that there were too many people watching you, so I did not dare to look for you rashly.

I stayed in town for a while and found out that Big Ke and Ah Lu lived here, so I sneaked in to look for them first.

“Before Young Master Lus closed-door training, he called Carl and me to arrange some things.

He asked us to keep an eye on those people in our government.

We were also keeping an eye on that female boss initially, but we did not expect to find that you were also involved.

Master Sen and Zhu Jiu sent people here to investigate you, and Zhu Qianlan wanted to find someone to kill you.”

Ruan Yongjuns face was filled with disdain when he mentioned Zhu Qianlan.

“She was just one of Master Sens many playthings.

Who did she think she was She was always looking down on other people.

Carl and I sent people to kill her yesterday, but the strange thing was that we had left her body on the street.

Later, someone hung her up in front of Zhu Jius villa.

I heard that it scared Zhu Jiu quite a bit.”

“Master Chengs men did it.”

Jiang Yao could not help but laugh.

In the morning, Cheng Jinyan had said that he could not find out who killed Zhu Qianlan, but he did not expect that it was Ruan Yongjun.

“Whos Master Cheng” Ruan Yongjun asked.

Jiang Yao said, “My biological mothers husband.

He wont hurt me.

You just have to avoid his people and not let them find you.

Hes with the Lu family right now.

Hell stay with the Lu family for a week.”

“Its fine as long as he wont hurt you.

Im just worried that that person might appear out of nowhere.

Young Master Lu said he wanted to keep an eye on every suspicious person.” Ruan Yongjun smiled..

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