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Chapter 1612: Who Is So Unlucky

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Therefore, every time Jiang Yao played mahjong in the dormitory, she could see Wen Xuehui and Xiao Ya jump up and down when they had lost.

Jiang Yao sighed.

She really missed Wen Xuehui.


Lu was addicted to mahjong.

After Jiang Yao had prepared the medicine, she brought the basin to the side of the mahjong table and let Mrs.

Lu soak her feet while she played mahjong.

The four played until 11:30 p.m before reluctantly leaving the table.

Jiang Yao had already returned to her room and fallen asleep.

The schedule that Lu Xingzhi had set for her was posted behind the room door.

It stated that she needed to rest at 10:30 p.m.

Even though he was not at home, Jiang Yao still listened to him.

In the mountains and forests of the south, fireflies could already be seen at that time of the year.

The elite soldiers who had finished their training would sit around the tents and chat at night.

Their voices were so loud that they could drown the chirping insects and birds in the mountains and forests.

Although the female special forces soldiers had been eliminated by Lu Xingzhi during the selection process, in the end, they still established a female special forces team based on the results at that time.

The female special forces soldiers who had undergone closed-door training at that time were also among them.

The rigorous training during the day was gone.

The atmosphere was much more relaxed at night when everyone gathered to chat.

“Hey, wheres Colonel Did you guys notice that he doesnt stay with us to chat every night Hes always alone in the tent.

I dont know what kind of evil plans he has for us tomorrow.” Someone had finally noticed that Lu Xingzhi had not been with them during the group activities at night for a few days.

“You guys dont know about this”

Someone stood up; he had a smug look on his face.

“My tent and the Colonels tent are very close.

When I passed by Colonels tent last night, I saw him holding a box and looking at it with infatuation.

However, I didnt see the contents of the iron box.

Im guessing that its a photo of his wife! Didnt she stay at the army base for a few days We didnt even see her.

I heard that Colonel treasured his wife.

After being separated for so long, he must be miserable to be here with us.

That box must be a picture of his wife.

Perhaps hes thinking of her.”

A female soldier asked with a smile, “A girl that Colonel loves Who is so unlucky Would a man like Colonel, who is so aloof all day long and is constantly lecturing others, dote on his wife I cant imagine it! How can she stand being married to such an aloof man”

“I wont be able to stand it, so I agree with your point of view.

I dont know which unlucky girl is so pitiful that Colonel has taken a fancy to her.

When she returns to the army base, we must treat her even better.” Another female soldier shook her head as she laughed.

“Thats what you women dont understand.

Colonel treats his wife really well! He may look cold, but he is not unfaithful.

In the future, if you want to get married, you should find someone like him.

Only then will you feel at ease.”

When the group gossiped about Lu Xingzhi, their voices subconsciously quieted down.

A few of them were muttering to themselves.

Someone had mentioned Lu Xingzhis precious metal box again, and they started talking.

“I havent seen his wife..

Do you want to see her photo Ill start a bet.

If anyone can find Colonels metal box, Ill get him a weeks worth of rations!”

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