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Chapter 1595: That Makes Sense

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“Director Jiang, Im amazed to get your call.” Du Chen sounded shocked.

“Ive been busy lately, so Im surprised that Im calling you too,” Jiang Yao said mockingly.

Then, she said, “I dont have much time, and things are a little urgent.

So, I wont talk nonsense with you.

Ill get straight to the point.”

“Sure, theres no need for us to pretend.

I also like to be direct,” Du Chen replied.

“Help me investigate Qian Zhibin.

I want to know what hes been doing recently and who hes been in contact with,” Jiang Yao said.

Du Chen smiled lightly.

“I can give you an answer to that question right away.

Recently, Qian Zhibin has been in secret contact with a research institute in M Country.

Qian Zhibin sent a drug to that research institute and asked the research institute to help break down the components.

He has also recently been in contact with several pharmaceutical companies in the country.

It seems like he is trying to buy one of the companies.

As far as I know, he should be collaborating with the research institute to develop a drug and then preparing to borrow a shell company in the country to buy that company to produce that drug for the market.”

After Du Chen said that, he sighed.

“No one can escape death.

Hospitals have always been a very profitable industry.

Similarly, pharmaceutical companies have always been a thriving industry.

Qian Zhibin probably took a fancy to that industry to make money.”

Jiang Yao suddenly became enlightened and said, “That makes sense.

I understand now.

Thank you.

And by the way, Im in my hometown.

You can come to the county town to find me whenever you want to heal your leg.

Ill perform the surgery on you whenever you arrive.”

Jiang Yao had promised to perform the surgery on Du Chen, but she had been so delayed by all kinds of things that she had not fulfilled her promise.

Instead, Du Chen helped her time and time again.

“Okay.” Du Chen agreed without any hesitation.

Jiang Yao put her phone on the rattan chair by her side and leaned on the marble railing of the balcony, thinking about something.

Qian Zhibin did not change the medicine for his father but for producing the medicine.

Jiang Yao felt that it made sense.

That was more similar to his characteristics.

That medicine was a miracle drug for patients with high blood pressure.

If Qian Zhibin and the research institute collaborated to break down the ingredients and make it themselves, then mass-market it, Jiang Yao could not even imagine how much profit it would bring.

Therefore, only money was enough reason for Qian Zhibin to take the risk of stealing the drug.

However, the research institute had not been successful, so Qian Zhibin had to ask the servant to change the drug many times.

Jiang Yao smiled.

It would be a miracle if the research institute in M Country could develop the drug that she prepared from the system space.

Qian Zhibin wanted to make a lot of money with the drug.

What would happen to Qian Zhibin if Changkang Pharma announced that they had developed the drug and put it into production for sale

He would probably be so angry that his nose would go crooked.

He must have paid a lot of money to cooperate with the research institute to develop that medicine.

She was still looking forward to seeing him fail miserably.

However, Qian Zhibins incident had also alarmed Jiang Yao.

It made her understand that many people had begun to pay attention to her existence as the Divine Doctors student..

More people had also started to pay attention to the Divine Doctors movements.

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