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Chapter 1566: What Is A Little Bit

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Only then did Jiang Yao notice that Cheng Jinnians hands were pressing on his stomach.

Jiang Yao held his left hand in her palm and touched it.

His palm was full of cold sweat.

Upon closer inspection, even his face was covered in sweat.

“Stomach pain Where exactly does it hurt Here” Jiang Yaos palm pressed on Cheng Jinnians stomach confidently.

“It hurts! It hurts here too.

Its cramping.

I want to throw up.” Cheng Jinnians small hand held onto Jiang Yaos palm.

“Sister, am I going to die from the pain”

Seeing Cheng Jinnians frightened and uncomfortable look, Jiang Yaos heart could not bear it.

No matter how bad a five-year-old child had behaved, he was still a child.

Jiang Yao had the medical system scan the boy.

The final result was consistent with her judgment—acute gastroenteritis.

Jiang Yao was very helpless and asked, “Did you eat something when you went out this afternoon”

“I just ate a little,” Cheng Jinnian replied in a low voice, his small hand holding up a small, short index finger.

She had been shocked when the boy held a pistol in his hand.

However, his childish action proved that the five-year-old was still a child.

“What is a little bit” Jiang Yao asked.

“The stinky tofu and hot and sour soup at the end of the alley, and two skewers of ice-sugared haws.” Cheng Jinnian kept his mouth shut after speaking and only pouted to show how uncomfortable he was.

Suddenly, as Jiang Yao pulled her hand back and left his side, Cheng Jinnian immediately said, “Sister! I also ate two ice creams, one orange, and one chocolate.

I also ate a fried dough stick and a piece of fried dough cake! Thats it.

Thats all.

Sister, dont be angry.

Dont go.

Im scared.”

Jiang Yao almost fell to the ground.

She turned her head and glared at Cheng Jinnian.

“Are you a hungry ghost Can you really eat so much in one afternoon Didnt the people following you control you”

“He cant control me.” Cheng Jinnian pursed his lips.

“Sister, I know Im in the wrong.

I wont do it again in the future.

Dont be angry.”

Jiang Yao raised her eyebrows.

It was true.

How could a subordinate control the Cheng familys young master That person was probably only responsible for protecting Cheng Jinnian.

For the past two days, after Mr.

Lu and Mrs.

Lu went to work, Jiang Yao read in the bedroom.

She knew that someone must have followed Cheng Jinnian, so she did not care when Cheng Jinnian went out.

However, she did not expect that little devil to spend the whole afternoon eating.

“How can you eat so much here when youve eaten so much outside No wonder your stomach is protesting!” Jiang Yao walked back and pressed Cheng Jinnians stomach.

“Did you eat like that yesterday Lets see if you dare to do that again in the future!”

Cheng Jinnian slowly raised his hand and pinched the corner of Jiang Yaos shirt.

Under Jiang Yaos gaze, he nodded lightly and said, “The food outside was delicious.

Auntie Lus food was also delicious.

Then, I accidentally overate.

Sister, I wont dare to do it again in the future.”

When Cheng Jinnians admitted his mistake, Jiang Yao could not even get angry with him.

Jiang Yao knew how uncomfortable acute gastroenteritis was.

An adult could not bear it, let alone a child.

Therefore, she did not teach Cheng Jinnian a lesson..

Instead, she turned around and prepared to help Cheng Jinnian relieve the pain in his body.

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