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Chapter 155: I Forgive You

After ending the call, Zhang Xiqing plastered a delightful grin on her face.

She was eagerly looking forward to the moment when the snobbish Jiang Yao and her husband would be ridiculed.

The next morning, a group of students surrounded the university bulletin board.

Wen Xuehui grimaced in great dismay when she and Jiang Yao walked out of the crowd.

“Gosh! The freshman representative has changed from one person to two!” Wen Xuehui grunted irritatingly.

Although she had not returned home yet, she knew that the Zhang family had most probably done something that fascinated the university leaders.

“Never mind, I dont care anyway,” Jiang Yao arched her eyebrows and said.

Moe had already told her about it this morning, though she wasnt sure where he got the news from.

However, seriously, she couldnt care less about the selection of the freshman representative.

The Zhang family had decided to donate one block of dormitory building in the west district of the campus, which the university repaid the favor for by selecting Zhang Xiqing as the representative, but because the announcement was made yesterday, they decided that both girls would be the representatives and each of them were given fifteen minutes for their speech.

Wen Xuehui was right.

Zhang Xiqings parents did not have enough funds to invest in the construction project of the entire western district.

Hence, they could only donate a new dormitory building, although the university was delighted by their generosity because something was better than nothing.

Zhang Xiqing saw Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehui from a distance away as she headed in their direction.

Unlike the harsh reaction yesterday, she called their names from afar and sprinted towards them with a large smile on her face, then said in a humble tone, “Im sorry for what happened yesterday.

I misunderstood, I hope you can forgive me.”

Jiang Yao thought that Zhang Xiqing had come to them to show off about the news, but unexpectedly, she was apologizing for what she did yesterday with such a humble and sincere tone and the arrogance she displayed yesterday was nearly non-existent.

Jiang Yao would have believed her, but thanks to her instinct and the experience she gained from her previous life, she doubted Zhang Xiqings intention.

“In order to express my sincere apology, Ill arrange for a dinner tonight.

Lets get together, shall we Qi Xiang will invite your husband to join us.”

Zhang Xiqing sneered secretly when Jiang Yao tilted her head curiously upon the mention of Qi Xiangs name.

How ignorant could she be not to know who Qi Xiang was! She wondered if Jiang Yaos husband had lied to her about his wealth and had borrowed Qi Xiangs car to trick Jiang Yao into believing him.

She grinned coyly when she thought of it, looking forward to watching Jiang Yao in extreme shock when the truth was revealed later that night.

Zhang Xiqing presumed that Jiang Yao, who hailed from a small town, must be very self-centered and vain due to her beauty.

Thus, her husband must have coaxed her into marrying him by all means.

Yes, Zhang Xiqing was positive that Jiang Yao was a victim of marital fraud!

“Qi Xiang is the owner of the car in the photo.

He and your husband are friends, arent they So, Ive called him to join us.

The more the merrier.

Since we all know each other and were all in the same social circle, its great to chitchat over dinner, dont you think”

“He invited my husband” Jiang Yao smiled gently.

“Do you know who my husband is”

If they figured out who her husband was, Jiang Yao would give them credit, regardless of how feeble it sounded.

However, when she said that they had invited Lu Xingzhi the previous night to join them for that nights dinner, Jiang Yao wouldnt believe one bit of it even if she was out of her mind.

First of all, Lu Xingzhi was in Jindo, so how could he come over that night It was absolutely impossible for him to leave the base as he pleased.

Secondly, even if Lu Xingzhi did come, he was not an easy-going person, so she doubted that Lu Xingzhi would hang out with some guy named Qi Xiang.

The thought of the message she received this morning—T-minus 25 days until our ultimate battle— flashed through her mind.

She was absolutely certain that Lu Xingzhi would come directly to her if he was in Nanjiang City.

It was impossible that he would waste his time on irrelevant people.

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