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Chapter 1542: He Is A Lawyer

Old Madam Lin said, “My daughter-in-law is Xie Qiuran, and Jiang Yao is Xie Qiurans daughter, so Jiang Yao is my granddaughter! What paternity test Our family doesnt have the money to do that.

You can let the Lu family do it! Or you can let the Jiang family do it! Anyway, everyone knows that the Jiang family adopted Jiang Yao.”

“You said that Jiang Yao is your granddaughter, and you dont have any evidence, yet you still want others to produce evidence.

Do you think that others are as crazy as your stupid son” Another person retorted.

Old Madam Lin choked, and her mouth twitched.

“Anyway, Jiang Yao is my granddaughter!”

Lu Xingzhi stood there with a cold smile as he listened to the few people bickering.

After a long while, he took his hand out of his pocket and tapped his finger on the table, making a dull knocking sound.

Everyone immediately quieted down and looked at him.

“First of all, where is Xie Qiuran Your son is mentally ill, so Xie Qiuran is the one who can step forward and acknowledge her as his daughter.

You admitted that you left a baby in the mountains, so you are not qualified.”

Lu Xingzhi felt heartache whenever he thought about his wife being abandoned in the cold mountains when she was just born.

The love of his life had been abandoned like that.

“Secondly, you dont have any evidence to prove that my wife and your son are father and daughter.

All of your speculations are baseless.

Furthermore, the crime of abandoning a baby is punishable by imprisonment.

You are the main culprit, and your son is an accomplice.

If your granddaughter does show up, or if Xie Qiuran shows up and wants to pursue this matter, then you should just wait to die in prison.”

Before Old Madam Lin could speak, Lu Xingzhi said, “Oh, right, your son is a fool.

A fool doesnt need to go to jail, so you will be the only one going to jail when the time comes.

No one will care about your son if you go to jail.

In two days, he might starve to death or get hit by a car on the road.”

“Shut up!” Old Madam Lin said.

She was frightened.

She was not afraid of going to jail, but she was afraid that her son would be left alone if she went to jail.

Jiang Yaos husband was right.

If her son was left alone, he might not live for two days.

Lu Xingzhi pointed at Big Ke.

“He is a lawyer.

You can ask him if Im right.” Previously, Lu Weihuas ex-wife was imprisoned for abandoning her baby.

Now, she is still serving her sentence in Jin City.

Most people in the county know about that.

If you dont believe me, you can ask him or ask someone in the county who knows about that.”

Big Ke was dumbfounded.

When did he change from a bodyguard to a lawyer

However, if Young Master Lu said that he was a lawyer, then he would be a lawyer.

Big Ke coughed twice and cleared his throat.

He said very seriously, “According to the laws of our country, the crime of abandoning a baby is severe.

You are in a situation where the circumstances are quite serious, and you will be severely punished.

Even though 20 years have passed, if the childs mother or the child wants to pursue this matter legally, the court will still try that case.

You might do 30 years in prison.

You are already so old.

If you are imprisoned for more than ten years, you will probably die in prison.”

Old Madam Lins eyes almost popped out.

However, Big Ke said, “Right, your situation is not the same.”

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