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Chapter 1515: Keep Dreaming

That was what Liang Yueze wanted to tell Lu Xingzhi, and it was not a secret.

It was the same if he told Jiang Yao.

After he was done, he hung up the phone and did not say anything else.

Ge Wenwen had finally been found.

That was good news, but it was a pity that Ge Wenwen no longer had any family in the world.

Back then, Sergeant Ge doted on his daughter.

Unfortunately, her mother led her astray.

Since she had been kidnapped once, she should have learned her lesson by then, right

Jiang Yao admired Sergeant Ges second wife.

She was in a difficult situation, yet she was still willing to care for Ge Wenwen.

She must have loved Sergeant Ge very much.

Jiang Yao lay on the bed and sighed for a long time before Lu Xingzhi walked into the room.

When he saw Jiang Yao sprawled on the bed, he made his way toward her.


Jiang Yao turned over and moved to the side of the bed, leaving the outer side for Lu Xingzhi.

She shook her head and told Lu Xingzhi what Liang Yueze had told her.

His reaction was more indifferent than Jiang Yao had imagined.

With a grunt, he went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Perhaps it was because of what Sergeant Ge had done that Lu Xingzhi could not forgive him.

Therefore, Lu Xingzhi could not have any emotions toward Sergeant Ges daughter.

Jiang Yao spent some time in a daze.

Lu Xingzhi had already come out of the bathroom after taking a shower.

Before he lay down on the bed, Lu Xingzhi placed his hand on Jiang Yaos waist and looked at the person looking back at him.

He smiled and asked, “Theres no one better than me in this world, right With such a good husband, who else can catch your eye Im the best husband in the world.”

Jiang Yaos mind went blank; she was dumbfounded.

“You eavesdropped on my phone calls” Jiang Yaos face felt warm.

“I was trying to coax my parents.”

“You must think so too,” Lu Xingzhi said with certainty.

He could not hide the joy in his eyes because he was not angry at Jiang Yaos words, even if she did not look at him the entire night.

Without giving Jiang Yao a chance to explain herself, Lu Xingzhi lowered his head and kissed her.

She had just showered, and the taste of mint toothpaste lingered on her lips and teeth.

It was refreshing and cool, and it also carried its own sweetness.

His girlfriend thought he was so good that it made him feel ashamed.

He was the person who loved her the most, but he might not have been the most qualified and best husband.

The kiss was lingering and domineering.

There was almost no time for her to catch her breath, and it made her dizzy.

They kissed until their emotions were a little out of control.

Then, Lu Xingzhi stopped.

He remembered that Jiang Yaos body was weak.

After such a long and sweet kiss, even Jiang Yao was slightly elated and looked forward to what would happen next.

She saw Lu Xingzhis expression, and she asked in a low voice, “Why dont we do it tonight Be gentle, and it should be fine.”

Lu Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yao meaningfully.

When he saw that her cheeks were flushed and she seemed to be in love, he chuckled and said, “Keep dreaming.”

Then, he turned around and got off the bed.

He had just come out of the bathroom, but he quickly returned to it.

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