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Chapter 1505: Too Ashamed

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“Xingzhi, although your wife is good-looking, dont be deceived by her!” Mrs.

Li saw the displeasure on Lu Xingzhis face and was a little worried.

She was most afraid of Lu Xingzhi, who was quick to anger since he was young.

However, Mrs.

Li did not give up even when Lu Xingzhi protected Jiang Yao.

She mustered up her courage and advised him earnestly.

“The Lu familys matters have nothing to do with the Li family.”

As the head of the family, Mr.

Lu was the most confident when he said those words.

He trusted Jiang Yao and his son.

He had not believed it when he heard that Jiang Yao had run away with another man.

Even though Jiang Yao did not go to school after her classes had started, Jiang Yao had come back with Lu Xingzhi.

Therefore, Mr.

Lu felt that Lu Xingzhi must have known about Jiang Yaos matter.

Otherwise, the couple would not have come back together last time.

At that moment, the couple had returned together.

They were on good terms.

Therefore, Mr.

Lu believed Jiang Yao when she said that she had been with Lu Xingzhi all that time.

“Okay, my son and daughter-in-law are home.

I am busy, so I cant entertain you two.

Its getting late; you should go back early.” Mrs.

Lu did not even have the mood to cook dinner for the past two days, so she immediately asked them to leave.

“What I havent finished my business yet! Why are you asking me to leave” Mrs.

Li shook her head.


Lu sneered and said, “I thought you came here today to tell me those brainless rumors.

You have business here Then say it.

After you finish your business, its safer to go home early before it gets dark.”

In any case, she did not invite them to stay for a meal.


Li gritted her teeth.

However, she could not do anything about it, so she could only endure it and state her intentions.

“Xiao Qing used to work in a department store in the county town.

But it was too hard to work there.

She had to endure the customers moods all day long.

Some customers would bully her.

Furthermore, the work is hard, and the salary is low.

In terms of ability, theres no one better than the Lu family in this town, so I wanted to ask you to arrange a decent job for Xiao Qing.”


Li smiled as she finished her sentence.

“Xiao Qing is getting old, and she still needs to marry.

You know a lot of people.

Perhaps you know of any young talented men you can introduce to Xiao Qing Im sure you want Xiao Qing to marry a good man, dont you Maybe you can ask Xiaoxiaos father.

Hes a boss; perhaps he knows any good businessmen.”

“Xiaoxiao should be married by now.

If theres a good man out there, Im sure Second Brother wont leave him to an outsider, right As for the job, we cant arrange it.

I dont have that kind of ability,” Mrs.

Lu said with a fake smile.

“You dont have it, but Xingzhis second uncle does! He cant just leave everyone to his daughter, right” Mrs.

Li was anxious.

“When he placed his daughter with us, you guys told me to send her back.

She was so sick, but I couldnt even send her to the hospital.

I was even too ashamed to mention that to her father.

If you are not ashamed, you can speak to him yourself..

Its not something I can do.”

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