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Chapter 1486: Cant Stop Him

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No matter how thick-skinned she was, she was embarrassed when he said that in front of others!

Professor Ouyang wanted to remind her that she could not have sex for two to three months, and she was not allowed to mess around with Lu Xingzhi.

Jiang Yaos face turned hot.

She did not know if Xiao Zhang, who was awake on the bed, heard them.

Then, she looked at the person on the bed in embarrassment.

Perhaps noticing Jiang Yaos gaze, Xiao Zhang opened his mouth to speak.

Xiao Zhang had just woken up, so it was a little difficult for him to speak.

He spoke very slowly and softly.

However, it did not prevent Jiang Yao from knowing what he wanted to ask.

“Dont worry, my injury is much lighter than yours.

I will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.” What a kind and warm-hearted soldier; he still remembered her injury.

“Guilty…” Then, the patient asked about something else after he knew that Jiang Yao was fine.

“Theyve been caught.

Ill get someone to tell you in detail when you recover.” Jiang Yao did not go into details.

She turned around and told the nurse about what they had to pay special attention to when caring for Xiao Zhang.

Professor Ouyang snorted.

“Are all soldiers like that They only care about others.

When they wake up, they dont even ask how they are.”

As a doctor, he might sound disdainful, but when he looked at Lu Xingzhi and the patient on the hospital bed, he had respect in his eyes.

Professor Ouyang knew that if the country did not have so many soldiers, how could ordinary people like them have a peaceful life

Those soldiers were admirable guardians.

They were there to protect their nation.

Jiang Yao and a few doctors left the ward, leaving two nurses there.

Then, she told the family members to change into sterile clothing for a short visit.

Xiao Zhang woke up, so Jiang Yao felt much better about being discharged from the hospital.

She told Zhou Weiqi not to deliver any food.

Instead, she invited Professor Ouyang to a restaurant near the hospital for a meal.

After all, he was a teacher.

Professor Ouyang had been there for so long and had helped her with many things.

He would cover all the follow-up observations on Xiao Zhang.

However, Jiang Yao did not expect that Professor Ouyangs son, who she had not seen for many days, would also come.

Lu Xingzhis face darkened when he saw the man behind Professor Ouyang, waving his car keys with a smile.

Zhou Weiqi was an intelligent man.

He could tell from Lu Xingzhis expression that he did not like Professor Ouyangs son.

He muttered in his heart when he saw the man looking at Jiang Yao with a suspicious smile.

He understood the reason why Lu Xingzhi did not like him.

“I did not ask him to come, and I cant stop him.” Professor Ouyangs expression was also dark.

He was obviously angered by his son, who was shameless and wanted to follow him.

However, the person stood there with a smile and extended his hand toward Jiang Yao.

“Weve known each other for so long, but I havent had the chance to introduce myself to you properly.

My name is Ouyang Chenrui, and Im the boss of Huancheng Investment Company.”

‘Huancheng Investment Company Ive never heard of it.. Zhou Weiqi thought for a while and came to a conclusion.

‘What does an investment company do It cant be a scam, right

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